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God has a unique plan for each person. It is our endeavour to help young people to discover that plan and seek happiness through faithful fulfillment of God's will.

The Lord of the harvest continues to call labourers into his vineyard. We shall strive to help young people to listen and respond to his loving invitation, "Come,ollow me," to serve him in the local Church and in institutes of consecrated life.

In particular, within the larger context of priestly and religious vocations, we want to present the attractive charism and spirituality of Don Bosco to such young people, to facilitate their joining the Salesian Congregation anywhere in India.

The Vocation Director
The Vocation Director animates the Confreres and communities of the Province in their task of vocation animation in their respective contexts. He contacts young people, animates them regarding the vocational choices, conducts vocation camps, selects suitable candidates, admits them to the aspirantate and follows them up along the stages of formation.

Regional Coordinator for Vocational Guidance, South Asia :
Fr. Jude Sebastian SDB
Don Bosco
52-A, Radhanath Choudhury Road,
Kolkata 700 015
Phones : (033) 2329-1122, -7972
Mobile : 0-9433057556
Fax : (033) 23294144

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Ten Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who are the Salesians?
Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) are the members of a worldwide society of Priests and Brothers founded by the Italian Saint John Bosco (1815-1888), great educator and passionate lover of young people. Their only desire is the welfare and happiness of young people.

2. What do the Salesians do?
The Salesians do anything that will help young people. Most prominently, they are involved in schools, colleges, technical institutes, the care of young people in difficulty (such as street children, marginalized youth, delinquent youth, etc.), and the pastoral care of parishes.

3. What are the qualifications needed to join the Salesians?
If you have the keen desire to love God and to serve people, you could be our perfect guy. You can join the Salesians at any stage: after class X, after class XII, after technical education or after Graduation. You can even join after your post-graduation or even if you've been working. The right age is when the Lord calls! Actually, one is never too old to respond to God's call.

4. How many years does it take to become a Salesian?
Depends on your qualifications and when you join. Typically, if you join after class X, it takes about 5 years, till the end of the Novitiate, to become a Salesian. Those who want to become priests have another 10 years of studies and training after the Novitiate. Those who want to remain as Brothers have a minimum of 4 years training after the Novitiate.

5. Are the studies to become a Salesian difficult?
Anyone with at least average intelligence can handle the studies. What is more required is a spirit of hard work and enthusiasm for this life.

6. What is a seminary?
Seminary is an institution where young people who are training to be priests/religious live in an atmosphere that is helpful to growth of the total person - in the emotional, social, intellectual, moral and spiritual dimensions.

7. Will I get to play games in Seminary?
Certainly! Games and recreation are an important part of daily life in our seminaries. Football, cricket, volleyball, basketball and hockey are all there, as also any number of indoor games. We have lots of work, too - house cleaning duties, work in the garden, in the fields, etc.

8. What about girlfriends?
Salesians are men of relationships. And so, our seminarians are encouraged to build healthy relationships with men and women. However, exclusive one-to-one relationships are not permitted as they do not match with the vocation to be a priest or brother. The vocation of a priest/brother is one that opens one?s heart to ALL, not just to ONE or A FEW.

9. What will my friends think of me if I join the seminary?
Depends on who your friends are! Your good friends who know you well will probably think you've made a good choice and wish you happiness. Actually, what your friends think about your joining the seminary is of little consequence. What matters more is: what do you think about it yourself?

10. How much will seminary training cost me?
It varies from place to place. On an average, it would be Rs.1000 - Rs.1200 per month. However, no one who is sincere about becoming a Salesian is denied the opportunity of seminary training because of financial considerations.



Fr. Seraphin Amalan SDB

Fr. Ian Figureido SDB

Fr. Gregory D'Almeida SDB

Fr. Paul Olphindro Lyngkot SDB

Fr. Gallela Sneharaj SDB
Fr. Muthu Jude Arul Anand SDB
Fr. Raju Chakkanattu SDB
Fr. Sunil Kerketta SDB
Fr. Brian Moras SDB
Fr. Peter Salew SDB
Fr. Bijoy Parackal SDB

Fr. Shilanand Kerketta SDB

Fr. Daniel Sebastian SDB


 St. John Bosco

Prayer for priestly and religious vocations

(i) Lord Jesus, we call young men and women to your service as priests and religious. May they be inspired by the lives of dedicated Priests, Brothers and Sisters. Give to parents the grace of generosity and trust towards you and their children so that their sons and daughters may be helped to choose their vocations in life with wisdom and freedom. Amen.

(ii) Lord Jesus, said, "the harvest indeed is great but the labourers are few. Pray, therefore, the Lord of the harvest to send labourers into his harvest." I pray especially for those called to serve as Priests, Brothers and Sisters; those whom you have called, those you will call in the future. May they be open and responsive to the call of serving your people. Amen.

Salesians of Don Bosco
Vocations Office for the Eastern Province of the USA