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MEDIA Studio - under construction
Watch this space for multimedia related services. The content in this page will help you to know, learn and  even collaborate with others. It is not a bad idea to try Video Conference in this space.
If you wish we could start Don Bosco Community Radio, TV, Multimedia Channels for education and Culture. Why not Good News, Evangelization and Don Bosco Materials! You are welcome to contribute media content to your BIS Team who will forward the material to BIS India. To begin with, let us start with a few simple flash files.
Send you suggestions to build up this space for Media Related Services.
Please share your dreams and ideas. I'm available at mobile: 91.9444076408.
Send your audio video media files to Fr. KJ. Louis, BIS INDIA, B-32 Dashrath Puri, Palam-Dabri Road, New Delhi - 220045.  
with warm regards,
National Webmaster (SPCSA)

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