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Peter Gonsalves, God still loves the world.`` He has given two Questions for Reflection and Sharing: &#61662; Why is missionary activity still relevant today? &#61662; Why is the missionary vocation a call within our common Salesian vocation? http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=223 MIGRANTS: THE NOWHERE PEOPLE Turn your gaze to the developed and growing cities of India and become aware of the NO WHERE people of India - the people who built all these cities live in poverty and deprivation. They belong nowhere. Because they are NOWHERE PEOPLE. As Salesians, we must find the courage to create spaces and allow new forms of hospitality, fraternity and solidarity. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=222 Some Observations on the GC28 POST-CHAPTER REFLECTION. THE RECTOR MAJOR`S ACTION PROGRAMME In this article I like to share my initial impressions on the GC28: Post-Chapter Reflections: The Rector Major`s Action Plan presented by the Rector Major on 16 August 2020. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=221 EMBARK UPON A `JOURNEY OF REINVENTION` Have we fallen into a rut, a habitual way of seeing and doing things, that we find very hard to break out of? Are we afraid of the uncertainty and pain that accompanies any change? Can we embark upon a `Journey of Reinvention` in these challenging days of the pandemic Covid-19 and bring about the required changes in our lives? http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=5.0&articleid=220 Dear General Council Members I am a confrere from the Hyderabad province and interested in the congregation. In the gospel today Jesus says, ``If anyone wants to be first, he must make himself last of all and servant of all`` (Mk. 9, 30-37). I wish Fr Angel Ferdandez Artime, Francesco Cereda, Bro Jean Paul Muller and the rest of the general council members fulfil this call and unfulfilled mission of Jesus by their example at GC 28. My suggestions: http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=5.0&articleid=219 AN OPEN LETTER TO GC 28 PARTICIPANTS FROM THE SALESIAN SOCIAL FORUM 16 February 2020 Dear Confreres at GC 28, A group of confreres from Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad provinces in India had come together from 3rd to 5th February 2020 to discuss ways of making human existence and Salesian life more consistent and meaningful for us. Jesus who became human and remained human calls for conversion and to join him to usher in the kingdom of God. This call of Jesus is to everyone: the ordinary people, the anawim, to the Am`hares, the mob, the outcastes, every person of goodwill, even priests, scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees. The call to conversion is a call to a paradigm shift, of our thinking, life and relationships without losing the human identity. In choosing to set the example, by becoming human, and remaining human (Phil. 2, 7), Jesus` identity was not changed. He was born of a woman, totally dependent, was cared for by Mary and Joseph, grew up into a toddler, an adolescent and then an adult and ultimately, as Paul would put it in Ephesians 4, 12-13, into the fullness of humanity becoming a model for us to follow. All who are born human are called to grow into the fullness of humanity. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=5.0&articleid=218 NEW YEAR 2020 AND VISION 2020 Dear Friends, According to the Oxford dictionary, VISION = the ability to see VISION 20 20 = the ability to see perfectly. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=5.0&articleid=217 An open letter to BOSCOM 2019, DIMAPUR I received an invitation from Fr Eugene through Fr Ashok informing that the pioneers from the province were also being invited for the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of BOSCOM on December 5, 2019 at Dimapur. I wrote back: I appreciate the thoughts of Fr Eugene and the current BOSCOM team to think of those who have contributed in the past and to felicitate them. I am not in a position to come, yet I would like to reiterate what I used to say when I had the privilege of being part of BOSCOM as the delegate of the province and as representing dbdigits: http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=216 Nehru in Nongpoh Some elderly confreres have told me that Prime Minister Nehru once visited Nongpoh, the little roadside town half way between Shillong and Guwahati. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=210 REMEMBERING AN EVENT We are in the year 2015. Exactly a hundred years ago, there was an event that in great measure shaped the twentieth century history of India. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=5.0&articleid=209 Planting seeds of Leadership I am Katherine Christy, a visitor from the US, at Don Bosco Navajeevan, Ramanthapur (Hyderabad). Here`s my viewpoint of a rather enriching day involving children engaged in making the world a better place through their membership in the Human Rights Clubs. 27 April 2015 marked the conclusion of the Human Rights Clubs summer camp for Government school children hosted by PARA (People`s Action for Rural Awakening) and partnered by Don Bosco Mondo. In the past year, PARA has initiated 428 human rights clubs spread across 7 districts in 366 state run schools of the two states for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. There is total membership of 20,259 students in the clubs. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=208 HIDDEN AGENDA OR OPEN AGENDA Earlier when the Hindu nationalists were in power in India there was frequent talk by political commentators of a hidden agenda. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=207 THE CONFUSION CALLED CONVERSION The Confusion called Conversion was the title of an interesting book that appeared thirty years ago ( Sunder Raj, New Delhi: TRACI, 1985). http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=206 SIGNS AND BEARERS, NOT WORKERS AND FUNCTIONARIES The Year 2015 is dedicated in a special way to consecrated life. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=205 MODERNISE THEIR MADRASAS CHRISTIANISE OUR SCHOOLS Recently the Prime Minister made a statement that caught my attention. He suggested that madrasas ought to be modernised. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=204 THINKING OUT OF THE BOX WITH POPE FRANCIS It is seldom that a papal document is an interesting read, even an entertaining one. Over and above its immense spiritual wealth. Evangelii Gaudium of Pope Francis is one such. Read on: http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=203 ST. PAUL`S LIST OF CHARISMS UPDATED ``And God has appointed in the church first apostles, second prophets, third teachers; then deeds of power, then gifts of healing, forms of assistance, forms of leadership, various kinds of tongues.`` This is how St. Paul enumerates charisms in the church (1 Cor 12:28) http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=202 NEED FOR HEALING CENTRES: WILL THE CONGREGATION RISE TO THE (RADICAL) CHALLENGE? Holding Up to the Light - 24 My intervention in the General Assembly of GC 27 for a Statement (supported by other Chapter members as well) expressing regret for abuses by Salesians and commitment to caring for the survivors did not carry through, as mentioned in an earlier SpeakUp. However the need for providing support and care for those involved in abuse found some expression in the early drafts of the Final Document of the Chapter. I intervened during the discussion on these, pleading for the Congregation`s support for setting up Healing Centres. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=201 PARETO PRINCIPLE Vilfredo Pareto was a renowned Italian economist who lived from 1848 to 1923. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=200 A CONDESCENDING PROPOSAL THAT DEMEANS THE BROTHERS AS WELL AS THE SENSIBILITIES OF OTHER SALESIANS. Holding Up to the Light - 23. This is the Intervention I made in the General Assembly of GC 27 about the Juridical Commission`s Proposal regarding Representation of Salesian Brothers at the General Chapter. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=199 A NOT-SO-WISE MOVE TO SUPPRESS THE POST OF COUNCILLOR FOR THE MISSIONS AT GC 27 - Holding Up to the Light 22 Intervention I made at GC 27 on the Judicial Commission`s Proposal to suppress the post of the General Councillor for the Missions. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=198 THE TIMES, THEY ARE`A CHANGING! BUT VERY .... SLOW........................LY!! Holding Up to the Light 21 The election of Angel Artime Fernandes as Rector Major, I believe, is ushering in a refreshing and hopeful new era in the history of the Salesian Congregation. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=197 GC Document Preparation - A Frustrating Exercise! Holding Up to the Light 20 This is an intervention I made at the GC 27 on how frustrating it is to work on the Drafts prepared by the Redaction Committee. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=196 TIME FOR HALF MEASURES IS OVER! Holding Up to the Light - 19 This is an intervention I made in the General Assembly of the 27th General Chapter on the issue of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults from abuse. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=194 Holding Up to the Light - 18 Intervention at GC 27 Here is my intervention on the Rector Major`s Report on the State of the Congregation. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=193 HABEMUS PAPAS SANCTOS On 27 April 2014, Pope Francis will canonize two of his predecessors, John Paul II and John XXIII. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=192 NEWS AND VIEWS FROM ROME! Timely reports of the General Chapter-27 http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=191 SPIRITUAL WORLDLINESS Spiritual worldliness sounds like a contradiction, like loyal deserter and selfish generosity. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=5.0&articleid=190 Salesian Lay Brothers` Congress 2014: Holiness as Partnership Jai Ho! Salesian Brothers` Congress is yet here again, with the usual panoply and fanfare? Perhaps, No. I noticed something different from the conventional, this time over, about the Congress. To start with, there is something fascinating with the theme appearing on the Logo: ``Salesians, be Holy.`` It gives me a hunch that the forthcoming Congress is not going to be a predictable copybook repeat, with the customary ingredients of Brochure, Beverage, Tour, T-Shirt and Topi, smacking of a corporate mega-show. I have a feeling from within, that this Congress is going to break new ground. A Paradigm Shift is on the horizon, in the way, the Brothers` Congress has been imagined and going to be executed, with also a Survey on Salesianity, served, as we were running up to the Congress. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=187 FRANCISCANISM St. Francis is one of the most popular, if not the most popular saint, in the Church and in the world. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=186 Missionaries or Functionaries The Catholic and mainline Protestant Churches have a broad and integral concept of mission, unlike the conservative Evangelicals and Pentecostals. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=185 Should the Salesian Rector be the Spiritual Director of Salesians in Formation? Holding Up to the Light- 17 A discussion on the issue of the Salesian Rector being also the Spiritual Director. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=184 THE ENGLISH FIRST PERSON SINGULAR English, as far as I know, is the only language in which the first person singular is spelt as a capital letter. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=183 PURSUING PEANUTS! Holding Up To The Light -16 A reflection on the police pursuit of spot fixing in the IPL. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=182 JOYS AND SORROWS OF THE RECTOR MAJOR We are preparing for the General Chapter. All the provinces have celebrated their own chapters. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=181 WITH HUMOUR YOU CAN FIGHT MANY A BATTLE In primitive days nations settled their disputes only through wars. In the feudal times gentlemen settled all their quarrels with gun duels as if bullets could decide the justice or otherwise of things . In all dictatorships the army and suppression are of critical importance for the survival of the regime. Modern man tries to settle differences through the more civilized ways of diplomacy and dialogue . In his arsenal of non-lethal weapons humour occupies the prime place in negotiating life`s pot holes both in the public domain and in private lives. For the civilized man a sense of proportion of things and a razor sharp intellect replace the savage`s fist of fury . Perhaps like our shrinking integrity in public life our sense of humour is taking a beating and intolerance is becoming pervasive and shooting up by the day. Like the uncommon common sense it is becoming rare to find. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=180 12 TIPS FOR SERENE LIVING Think Anew, Start Afresh. Here are twelve tips for serene living. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=179 THE LOOK! Holding Up to the Light -15 A Palm Sunday Reflection http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=178 THANK YOU POPE BENEDICT WELCOME POPE FRANCIS We are living through historic days. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=6.0&articleid=175 World Rosary Prayer Campaign for the Church and the New Pope ``As the cardinals enter the conclave on Tuesday March 12, 2013, to elect the ``new St. Peter``, let us join them in spirit through incessant prayer``, invites Fr. T.C. George, Co-ordinator, World Rosary Campaign, Bangalore. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=174 Karol and Josef The 1930s and 40s were among the most tragic years in recent human history. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=13.0&articleid=173 LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY The French revolution called for liberty, equality and fraternity. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=172 Rape and Male Inferiority Complex Living with clearly contradictory values seems to come natural for Indian society. Corruption and religion can coexist peacefully. Ritual purity and abominable physical dirt can live together. We are one nation, while every State and language group derides and often hates the other. We can claim to honour women, killing her with the very idea of honour that we impose on her! We can enslave and exploit our children and claim that they are our future! We can be utterly sexual in mind and body and claim that modesty is our national virtue! One wonders whether being a woman is itself a matter of shame in India. If not, why then is there so much of female infanticide and female illiteracy? Dowry is a system in which a woman has to pay a man in order to serve him and to hand over to him absolute sexual rights over her! A man honours a woman by merely marrying her! A woman has no such claim. It is the husband who gives ``life`` to the wife, and not the other way about! When a man dies his wife has no more meaningful existence. It is a shame to be a widow! For a man to live without a wife is heroism! A woman`s economic independence is a threat to the man. So the wife is either prohibited from working, and if she works, he should have the control over her money! http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=171 ``INNOVATION`` - A FALSE PREMISE AND PROMISE! Reflection on the Final Statement of CRI National Assembly 2012. Holding Up to the Light -14 A critique of the paths proposed by the National CRI for renewal of religious life in India http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=6.0&articleid=170 <b>Media illiterate principals</b> KOLKATA - Coming on the heels of the upcoming national meeting of principals of schools scheduled to be held at Don Bosco Park Circus, from 28 September, the recent reports from Poland where high school kids were put through a bizarre ``initiation rite`` which school authorities claim were ``innocent fun`` calls for serious introspection. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=6.0&articleid=169 Follow Him The following is a forwarded email from <b>Fr. Maria Arokiam</b>. It contains a letter with a powerful and objective message by a Muslim, Aziz Noorani, sent through the WorldIsmailis Yahoogroup on 19 September to people of different Faiths, in the context of the global violent reactions to the denigrating movie on Islam. It is worth reading, reflecting on and spreading the message for preserving sanity and humanity. Thank you, Fr. Arokiam, for passing it on to BIS. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=6.0&articleid=168 <b>Celebrating Faith</b> KOLKATA - In a month`s time (11 October 2012) the long awaited YEAR OF FAITH proposed by Pope Benedict XVI in his apostolic letter <b>Porta Fidei</b> will commence faith journeys in parishes and dioceses around the world. Present below is a master plan for year-long celebration of faith at Auxilium Parish Kolkata, prepared by parish priest Fr K.K. Sebastian and Pastoral Animation Team. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=167 UNMINED POTENTIAL OF BIS SPEAK UP- Holding Up to the Light - 13 BIS is missing out on the Speak UP`s potential for lively conversation on relevant issues. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=6.0&articleid=166 <b>Formation in mission, from woes to wows!</b> KOLKATA, (C.M. Paul) - A provincial superior dashing from one meeting to another sends an SMS on his Blackberry ``bye for now... must meet the confreres now... listen to their `woes` and .... wish they were `Wows!``... most are stuck in woes ... in agonies and tortures...! i want to RESURRECT THEM ... tough... most feel more comfortable in complaining than in doing something to make a difference!`` http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=165 PSYCHOLOGISTS: UNRECOGNIZED AND UNDERRATED MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS. Holding Up to the Light - 12 Psychologists are mostly unrecognised and underrated in a world where psychiatrists and pharma companies rule the roost as far as mental health is concerned. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=6.0&articleid=163 <b>Don Bosco International Film Festival</b> Multicity project in preparation for DB bicentenary 2012-2015. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=162 Letter from the Himalayas Recently, I almost reached the Himalayas. Not quite. Well, I was on the foothills. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=12.0&articleid=158 Division on the eve of amalgamation KOLKATA, (C.M. Paul) - Was it in the corridors of Pisana or in the aisles of the Aula Magna during the last Salesian General Chapter (2008) that the Rector Major predicted India to have 15 Salesian provinces at the General Chapter 2014? http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=154 USE AND THROW Recently I wrote about the age of revolutions. Many may have doubts about qualifying our times as revolutionary. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=153 Living in an Age of Revolutions We are living through a revolutionary period, or at least so we are told. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=152 CORRUPTION OF CULTURE OR CULTURE OF CORRUPTION Who in this country does not raise his voice against corruption? Well, here is one. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=12.0&articleid=151 <b>India vs India</b> Caste Reservation: India vs India KOLKATA, (C.M. Paul) - This is a must see film for every educator and youth minister. Here is a movie that provides a ray of hope for educationists who slog on despite heavy odds providing quality EDUCATION to the poorest of the poor both in the city slums and remote villages. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=150 CAN CHURCH BE INTERESTING? Once a programme was organised in a parish for school children. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=149 EVERY DISCIPLINE CAN CLAIM IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT! Holding Up to the Light - 11 This piece is prompted by Fr. Joseph Puthenpurackal`s suggestion in Speak Up that every professor should first undergo a full course on Missiology. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=148 Missionary Spirit Dear Fr. Paul, Thanks for your story on Fr. Puthenpura. I have also read your Blog. Congrats. What Fr. Sebastian has written and which you have cited: ``there is a general decline in our missionary spirit and enthusiasm... etc.`` is certainly true to some extent. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=146 100 DAYS WAR IN LIBYA! - SOME QUESTIONS. - Holding Up To The Light - 10 Today marks the 100th day of NATO bombing of Tripoli with little to show that the millions if not billions of dollars spent by the Western Alliance has brought any gains. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=145 FASTING SWAMIS, FARMER SUICIDE THREATS, AND DYING CHILDREN - Holding Up to the Light - 9 One man threatened to fast, and the media was seduced to give him front page covering day after day and the government bent backwards to appease him until they learned he was pulling a fast one on them. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=144 WHO ARE OUR ENEMIES? We speak of enemies like we speak of friends. That is to say, we need friends; so we need also enemies. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=12.0&articleid=143 <b>Let Bloggers Blog</b> In the wake of <b>Vatican</b> calling for a bloggers afternoon session on 2 May 2011, and <b>South Asia Salesians</b> holding meeting with Councillor and Secretary for Social Communications (1-5 May, 2011), I guess it is the right time to promote blogging. Pls chk the Vatican Bloggers Meet info: <a href=http://urlpath target=_blank > http://cmpaul.wordpress.com/2011/04/09/vatican-calls-catholic-bloggers/ </a> This video helps get a hang of BLOG. <a href=http://urlpath target=_blank > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN2I1pWXjXI </a> http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=142 CELL PHONE AND CELL LIFE Monks of old lived in little cells. Now most have moved from such cells to bigger rooms. Some young students still sleep in cells. The word cell today is increasingly used for cells in a jail. I have no intention at all to talk about that unfortunate use of the word. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=139 The man who ``scootered`` his way to Heaven! Fr. John Med sdb (1916-2011): A Tribute by Francis Hembrom sdb A golden era of Salesian India has passed with the passing away of our dear Rev. Fr. John Med, who did not just belong to any Province, but belonged to India - Salesian India, to all of us. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=138 DISTURBING VERDICTS AND OPINIONS. Holding Up to the Light- 8 Some reflections on the recent Supreme Court Judgement on Graham Staine`s murder case and the reactions of media and civil society leaders in contrast to that of Christian spokespersons. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=137 EDUCATION: THINKING OUT OF THE BOX ``Christian educators have a special responsibility to Christian youth. In India, the right of the Christian community to run educational institutions of their own and to form their members according to their own religion and culture is guaranteed by the Constitution. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=136 Silence and the Word Christmas is a time for celebration; a celebration that very often could turn noisy, distracting and meaningless. But, in fact, the celebration of Christmas is for an event that happened so silently in history. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=135 A Confession FB-style I have a confession to make. I am a reluctant latecomer to the universe of Facebook. I was very hesitant to join FB... not that I didn`t like the concept of FB but it looked (still does look) strange for me. At the same time, I cannot but admire the marvellous technological creativity behind FB or MySpace and the various social network services on the net with the capacity of an almost `infinite` and `universal` range of contacting people (provided they are part of the service). http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=12.0&articleid=134 <b>Don Bosco Relics Tour</b> Here are some stray thoughts...RELICS of Don Bosco could be a far neater word then Urn and Casket. They preferred to use the term <b>Relics</b>. I have been talking to the US guys who planned it very well mobilizing lay people and enlisting professionals to cover every aspect of the tour and make it to their maximum advantage... (since they are too few SDBs were forced to enlist others... and the miracle happened). http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=133 Back being a student - A Good Way to Be(gin) Teaching <i>The following is an improvement of what I wrote to a struggling teacher-friend of mine, with my experience of being a student all over again. Perhaps it will be useful to some. Perhaps to some practical-trainees.</i> Back being a student is torturous? Maybe! Sitting in a class, trying to understand something out of it? Not a total failure. Back being a student helps one to be a better teacher, or at least try something different. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=132 HELP THY NEIGHBOUR FIRST, THEN GO ABOUT CHANGING THE WORLD Bro. George Sungmur served many years in the motor mechanics department at Don Bosco Technical School, Shillong. In the late seventies, he came to stay in the theologate in Mawlai. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=131 A JUBILEE OF SORTS On 6 August, the new academic year at Sacred Heart College, Mawlai, Shillong, was inaugurated. The occasion had a special significance for me. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=128 WHY DO GOOD WITH MEANS NOT SO GOOD? (Contd.) Educational institutions are an excellent means of doing good. There is no doubt that much good is done. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=127 WHY DO GOOD WITH MEANS NOT SO GOOD? I am surprised every time I read the story of Ananias and Saphira in Acts 5. By modern standards they were by no means bad people. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=125 A Difficult Idea When I was young, teachers taught me to learn Mathematics. Not merely did they teach Mathematics. They taught me to use my fingers and count. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=124 LETTER FROM AMERICA (contd.) (Fr. Paul Vadakumpadan continues his reflections on his recent visit to America to preach mission appeals.) http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=123 Praying with other Religions - the Problematics! Praying with people of other faiths in a multi religious context like that of India, is a current issue with the National Seminar just over at Bangalore. There are a few problematics that strike me as I wrestle with its possibilities. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=10.0&articleid=122 <b>Missions: Busting the Myth</b> About 30 years ago, with <b>Project Africa</b> launched by then Rector Major Fr Egidio Vigano`, there was a spurt in Indian Salesians going for overseas missions. April 2009 saw the formation of <b>Salesian Missionary Association</b>, first ever South Asian outfit of missionaries ad gentes under the leadership of former South Asia Mission Delegate Fr Joseph Puthenpura. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=120 How tempted...! How tempted am I to pray this! http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=118 About National Seminar - Fr. Ubahara Santhanam In the Human Rights efforts cannot be really measured but we can only `feel` it and experience it. This only necessiates the creation of child Rights watch Group and Human Rights Groups. We shall all commit ourselves towards declaration of zero Tolerence of Human Rights violence. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=117 Institutions and the Human Rights On the first day of the Seminar, eminent social activists have challenged the participants on many grounds. One of the interesting points was on the extent of involvement of Salesians in the field of Human Rights. It was argued that our institutions are not in a position to involve in the human rights issues in India due to our dependence on the government in some way or the other. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=115 Letter from America For a long time, I used to be a regular listener to Alistair Cooke`s BBC radio programme Letter from America. Cooke`s letter was the longest running radio programme in history by a single person, lasting 58 years. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=113 The need of the hour: MORE SERVANTS and LESS SERVICES Today`s world represents a saturated planet where almost all have everything at their disposal. The best of services are offered in all the fields to all the people. Even the so-named poor seem to be in the know-how,see-how and have-how of everything. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=112 SALESIANS IN CYBERSPACE - THE CHALLENGE! Holding Up to the Light - 7 Recently I attended a seminar on ``Salesians and the Social Media`` at the Salesian Provincial House in New Delhi. I learned some very interesting things. Here are some reflections based on that learning. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=111 ``CATHOLIC`` IDENTITY OF THE CATHOLIC SCHOOL. Holding Up to the Light - 6 This evening I read an interesting article in The Tablet [8 August, 2009, Electronic version], the Catholic Weekly from England. This lead article was written by Nicolas Kennedy and entitled ``For whom the Bell Tolls``. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=10.0&articleid=110 <b>Hindu and Catholic Leaders Must Walk the Talk</b> In the landmark two-hour inter-faith conversation that took place behind closed doors, Catholic and Hindu religious leaders drew up the Mumbai Pact 2009: ``No violence against minorities. No forced conversions. A pooling of resources for social work and charity.`` Super deal! These guys signed utopia and agreed on things beyond their control... Look at it squarely. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=107 TILL WE MEET AGAIN AT THE NEXT FUNERAL An interesting aspect of funerals is that they bring together people who have not met one another for a long time. A fitting parting wish at funerals could be ``till we meet again at the next funeral.`` So the dead render a remarkable service by bringing together the living. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=10.0&articleid=106 <b>Leadership and the digital divide</b> ROME - The 43rd World Communications Day (24th May 2009) is an historic occasion. Pope B16 celebrated the WCD theme <i>``New Technologies, New Relationships: Promoting a Culture of Respect, Dialogue and Friendship.``</i> Besides going on the <b>Face book</b> and <b>YouTube</b> earlier this year, the pope has launched <b>Pope2you</b> interactive website. The pope has also called on the digital generation to use the digital means for ``all human individuals and communities, especially those who are most disadvantaged and vulnerable.`` http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=5.0&articleid=105 Vote for vote sake (the Pulse of India) For the first time in the democratic history of India after independence, the Indian citizens have become aware of the Right to Vote. This is indeed a happy sign, a progressive note in the thinking pattern of Indian folk. Watching the television channels and reading the newspapers before the elections, I got an over all impression that for the first time ever, there has been a great move in Indian citizens to exercise their right to vote. Thanks to many organizations who are instrumental in achieving this cause. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=1.0&articleid=104 Cleopas says, ``We did it that day and it is your turn now!`` Easter Season specially calls us to relive this Emmaus experience. It is a step by step process in which Jesus revealed himself. This Emmaus episode teaches the whole treatise of Revelation in a simpler and convincing manner. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=5.0&articleid=103 Walking an Extra Mile... Recently once traveling in the train, I have come across a situation where the aspect of spirituality was put to question. I happened to witness a situation where an youngster took out his laptop and started showing a few film clippings to his nephew and niece who were with him(I only heard them calling him Uncle). After a couple of minutes, in my curiosity, I too became a viewer of the same since being in the same berth. As we were lost in watching, a boy aged around twelve came begging. At the first instance, none of us paid attention. As the boy pestered asking for some money, the youngster got annoyed and chased him. As I got diverted from watching, I happened to see the boy in his misery, both the legs swollen. He dragged himself from our coach to the next with great difficulty. It was only later, that I realized the boy had no more strength to walk and fallen asleep near the toilets. This incident triggered in me a sense of being one with those in need. Though, I myself never bothered in the beginning, later, the thought kept ringing in my mind. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=102 Politics in Religion and Religion in Politics: A Tale of two Gujaratis A Tale of two Gujaratis This is the story of two Gujaratis. One I would like to call Mohandas Jesus Gandhi and the other Narendra Hitler Modi. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=6.0&articleid=100 RETREAT AT VARANASI - THE HOLY CITY OF INDIA A trip to Varanasi was a very soothing one and it stimulated a kind of immense joy in the hearts of the first year Brothers of Salesian College Sonada, Darjeeling. The sole purpose of stepping into the so-called Holy City was to have a graceful experience in Matridham Ashram which is located in the suburbs. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=5.0&articleid=98 Renounce to Regain (Spirituality of Lent) The season of Lent, a season of Grace is at our spiritual door step again. The aftermath of the financial breakdown and the bankruptcy of the entire world economy make rather a meaningful reflection as we go to begin the season of Lent. Holy Mother the Church invites all of us to rethink of our spiritual lives and calls us to a life of renunciation during the season of Lent. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=97 What`s in a Name? When I was a little boy, my mother took me for admission to a local school. Thank God this was many years ago, when there was no rush for admissions. Moreover, there was no such thing as commercialised education or even if there was, the common people did not know about it. Anyway, I got admission for the asking. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=6.0&articleid=96 <b>The Almighty Principals Left Alone with None</b> By Fr. Anand Muttungal <i>(The writer is the PRO & Spokesperson for the Catholic Church in Madhya Pradesh. This article is his personal view).</i> I am forced to highlight the plight of the so called `Almighty Principals` who run the catholic schools while they are being assulted. The schools are really run in the name of the Christians but the Christians are treated as extra burden to the School. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=95 HOLDING UP TO THE LIGHT - 5: WHERE ARE THE SALESIAN `WRITERS`? WHERE ARE THE SALESIAN `WRITERS`? A Question for Us to Ponder Over. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=5.0&articleid=94 Is your Hope still Alive? ``How shall we greet one another as 2009 dawns? `May you not fall a victim of a terrorist attack!` `May God protect you from the dangers of a living place like Kandhamal!` `May you be safe in a hospital!` `May God protect you in a train station!` Strange as it may sound, another wish or greeting too sounds appropriate: `May God protect us from our media!` (New Leader, January 1-15, 2009) http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=93 HOLDING UP TO THE LIGHT - 4 DID YOU NEED TO SAY ALL THAT?A comment on BIS`s policies that restrict light bearers. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=6.0&articleid=92 <b>BPO-Call Centre: Needs New Breed of Salesians</b> I was intrigued reading BIS news item <i>Salesian Youth Rock Kolkata BPO.</i> While it is highly commendable that a DB youth-delegate grabbed the opportunity to offer pre-Christmas bash at BPO with some 100 work force, it made me ask, how many of our youth delegates would venture out on similar BPO requests had it not been for the Jesus Youth with its well-focused and distinct youth ministry program! http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=91 <b>Holy Men?</b> We always need holy men and women. But who are they and what are they like? We need not only holy but also men and women, genuine human beings. In other words, holy men today need to be more human. Does that mean we need more humanity and less sanctity? Not exactly. Deeper humanity will lead to higher sanctity. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=11.0&articleid=90 Why Fuss about FOSS? We talk so much about FOSS today. The Salesian communicators are not exempt from it...atleast with most part of the Salesian world propagating it. BOSCOM has just concluded a National FOSS Conference (14 Dec). But where is it taking us? Is it worth all the FUSS? http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=3.0&articleid=89 Advent and the Human Rights What has Advent to do with the Human Rights? http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=88 COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY get away from stress and anxiety http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=87 IS YOUR BEST FRIEND BEST FOR YOU IS YOUR BEST FRIEND BEST FOR YOU http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=5.0&articleid=86 Conversion as change of heart <b>My conversion was not a change of religion; it was a change of heart.</b> That`s the tagline of the article by Anand Mahadevan (editor of Outlook Business) in the Outlook magazine (October 27, 2008 p. 30). <b>We often talk and `fight` for our Church and religion but do we dare stand by the person of CHRIST (privately and in public)?</b> http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=6.0&articleid=85 EXPERIENCE OF A GROUP OF YOUNG PEOPLE DESIRING TO BE SPRITUALLY ALIVE Spiritual renewal of the young people of Polsonda... http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=84 Word of God and the World of God While there is a growing desire among the lay Christians for the Word of God, the members of the`Select Group` (Priests & Religious) are losing themselves away in a world without God. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=83 TEENAGERS DONT JOIN HIP CROWD Teenagers love space and freedom http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=82 MOTHERS APRON STRINGS mothers let your sons have a happy family life with thier wifes http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=81 SOOTHING TOUCH A Soothing touch can ease the pain, says new research http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=80 To Auschwitz and Back (Part II) The recent events in Orissa, Karnataka and elsewhere in the country have made me realise that what I saw at Auschwitz was not just an aberration of history. Fundamentalism, ethnic chauvinism, hatred towards the other, and exploiting human suffering for political gain are as much a fact today as they were in Hitler`s Germany. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=79 HOLDING UP TO THE LIGHT - 3 SILENCE KILLS! http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=1.0&articleid=78 <b>Attacks on Mangalore Christians - A Dozen Doubts !!!</b> The attacks on Christian Churches in Karataka is a cause of concern. Not only has there been attack from fundamental groups but the apathy from government officials. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=77 Lend your ear to your stressed child Lend your ear to your stressed child http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=6.0&articleid=74 CRISIS MANAGEMENT: <b>Enlighten Your Parishioners - Use Your Organizing Skills</b> The recent disturbances, communal tensions, merciless raping, group looting, brutal killings in various parts of our country especially in Orissa are topics of discussion in every media. The fear, pain, suffering, mental agony, loss of lives, the struggle and the turmoil of hundreds of displaced people need everyone`s care, concern and united action. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=5.0&articleid=73 ``THAT WE MAY BE ONE`` Hyderabad 08, Sept 2008: The situatoin of the victims of communal violence in Orissa seems to be brightening. Two weeks of restless violence made the Christians and the missionaries to flee to the forests for shelter. The return journey to their homes seems to be rather slow when compared to the speed of their flight to the forests. The assasination of Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswathi resulted in the vandalisation of the churches, property and loss of so many innocent lives. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=6.0&articleid=72 <b>``Be Prepared - Prudence Pays`` </b>TIPS FOR YOUR SAFETY (CBCI NEWS)Yesterday it was Nizamabad - Andhrapradesh, today it is Kandhamal - Orissa, tomorrow who knows it may be our town, our church, our convent or our own life. The religious fundamentalists in this country have already set their agenda to disturb peace, integrity, sovereignty of the nation. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=5.0&articleid=71 We shall overcome Hyderabad, August 28: God Bless Orissa! These are the words that are flowing from the hearts of the people. The communal violence has taken a cruel shape. Exactly, eight months ago, Kandhamal district in Orissa experienced violence. It was just a day after Christmas. That was the first episode. Right now, eight months after, its not only Kandhamal but entire Orissa is buring in the flames of communal violence that shattered the situation of Christians in Orissa. Right now, our only prayer is ``God Bless Orissa`` with a hope that ``We shall overcome.`` http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=5.0&articleid=70 Cheers to China The Beijing Olympic curtian is ready to close within a couple of days. Beijing has once again proved that the world is not satisfied with the already existing records. Hence, a gallore of records in the sports field were wiped away as the atheletes set new ones and made history. At this point of time, it may be right to thank Beijing ``Bird`s Nest`` for its ever growing spirit, making the motto of the Olympics `faster, higher, stronger` a lived reality today. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=5.0&articleid=69 The (f)utility of a World Youth Day... Much has been spoken and broadcasted about the World Youth Day that was held in Sydney a while ago. I wonder if much has been DONE - or will be done - as an offshoot of the World Youth Day. I agree I`ve not really followed it up day by day or have been involved in events leading up to this international event... however, I have my own reservations about the whole fanfare! http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=11.0&articleid=68 World Youth Day`08, Sydney An inspiring and uplifting experience with the Holy Father and the Youth. Could there be more Salesians involved and present for this mega youth event? How wonderful it would be for our own faith and our Salesian youth work. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=66 To Auschwitz and Back (1) I set foot in an Auschwitz gas chamber good sixty years after the death of Adolf Hitler. Fortunately! If I had entered there when that monster was alive, I would by now have been part of history. An international association of missiologists to which I belong held its plenary sometime back in Poland. No one goes to Poland without visiting Auschwitz and Jasna Gora and of course, Wadowice, the birthplace of Pope John Paul II. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=65 Get well soon I was really sad to hear that you are hospitalized. Get well soon. Praying for your good health. Remembering you with love and appreciation. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=63 Fr. Stan we are with you We are deeply troubled when we came to know that you are hospitalized. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=6.0&articleid=62 <b>Daring Rescue of Children and then...?</b> BIS Mumbai, June 15: <i>World Anti Child Labour Day (June 12) instituted by the International Labour Organization, to remind people of the atrocities against children, 12 children all below the age of 18 were rescued from Sakinaka, Chandivali Mhada, Yadav Nagar near Kherani Road in the Andheri area. The rescues operation was spearheaded by Bal Prafulta (BP), a Don Bosco Organization, with the assistance of the Labour Department, Police and the BMC. [ ....] On the day of the rescue operation, we made arrangements for hiring a bus. The police officers had to be convinced that the children up to the age of 18 cannot be employed. Journalists and television reporters were informed about the whole process of rescue and rehabilitation of the children...</i> <b>Read the full story on the site link given below.</b> <a href=http://urlpath target=_blank > http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/default_ms.php?ps=0&newsid=2045&pno=1&newsidlist=,2045,2044,2043,2042,2041,2040,2039,2038,2037,2036,</a> http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=61 A Visit to the Land of Saints! It was Sunday, 25th of May and the Rector Major and the General Council were just out of a rainy experience of the Feast of Mary Help of Christians in Valdocco, Turin. As if to say that the rain had come just to spoil that wonderful Salesian Feast and the traditional profession around Valdocco, on this day it was sunny. The General Council members set out for a visit to some of the unusual Salesian places in the Monferrato region of Piedmont, in continuation of their brief pilgrimage to the Salesian places. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=1.0&articleid=60 Saint Buried in Tirupattur We buried not Fr.Ittayachen but Holy man...saintly man Ittayachen. It was very moving for me to participate in the funeral service of Fr. Ittyachen....on 29th of May at 4.00 p.m. in Don Bosco School Tirupattur. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=59 THE WORD OF GOD: Life for the Soul, not chewing Gum for the Mind There was once a Salesian community that was known for its attachment to scripture. In fact, they had the bible enthroned not only in the chapel but also in the dining hall and in the community room. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=58 Pate, Paunch and Power Men in midlife face a three-fold problem, more correctly a three-fold challenge. Each begins with a P. We may speak of a 3P problem: pate, paunch and power. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=57 <b>SHEPHERDING</b><i> POLICESTYLE</i> <i>I have spent much time looking for the word police in the bible. So far I have not found it. You may wonder why I looked for such a word. The reason is simple. I find a lot of policing going on among those who follow the bible or profess to follow it.</i> http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=55 True Freedom BINDS us (to our Obligations)!! Under the guise of `freedom of the individual` do we not constantly betray our own true freedom that has goaded us to take upon ourselves various obligations in Religious, Salesian and Priestly life? http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=54 HOLDING UP TO THE LIGHT - 2 Today`s (Saturday, 2nd week after Easter, 04/05/2008) first reading at Mass and Francis Moloney`s Good Night at the General Chapter [The Word of God will Stand Forever] provided me an opprotunity to reflect further on ``light and shadow,`` on the need to hold things to the light. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=53 FAMILIARITY WITH THE WORD OF GOD Following up the report on Fr. Frank Moloney`s Good Night to the members of GC26 http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=52 Priestly Purity, Temperance and Peace. Each priest has a singular privilege of being chosen by God from birth. They might have grown up in different environment and circumstance. They might have had varied experiences. But once they are priests they are faced with the big challenge and responsibility of being pure and balanced. They ask, ``Is it possible to be pure and balanced in this world? Is it possible to have peace in this changing and sophisticated world?`` These are the basic and genuine questions that taunt a priest as he goes about living his life in this world. They may think that to live a pure and balanced life are just some pious exhortations and may not be possible at all. But nothing is impossible with God. It is possible with the help of God. More than believing in this they need to experience this in their life. They will experience this after many struggles and temptations. But once they are victorious they will get peace. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=51 Discipline is equally important as Prayer. As a religious, we are usually exemplary in the eyes of the public. But what matters is how disciplined we are. Discipline is very important as it takes us closer to God. Discipline is not in doing big things, but doing simple things well. We would like to share with you the message on DISCIPLINE which is equally important as PRAYER. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=50 How much do you know about your soul? Dear Fathers and Brothers,We would like to share with you our message on PRAYER and its relevance in nourishing our soul in the present context. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=49 The Human Face of the Congregation - IT`S THERE! Fr. Ivo`s reflection on the Human Face of the Congregation, triggers our thinking in the right direction! Has the contingent from this part of the world, presented itself as a force to reckon with... in every way...if not where have we faltered? http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=8.0&articleid=48 HOLDING UP TO THE LIGHT - 1 Thank you, Fr. Ivo Coelho, for your piece [The Human Face of the Congregation describing the dark side of the electoral process in the Congregation, and for your call to bring to light the careful but secretive plannings and plottings (``machinations and manipulations@ to use your own phrase)by the various language and ethnic group members of the Chapter. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=6.0&articleid=47 CONGRATULATIONS ! Rector Major and his new team. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=1.0&articleid=46 Well done - Don Bosco India Congratulations to the newly elected team for the animation of the Congregation. In particular of course to the Rector Major and our Regional - Fr. Maria Arokiam. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=45 There goes the Spirit`s hand again! Wow! Fr. Maria! Fr. Maria Arokiam Kanaga (MAK)... the new Regional! Wow! This is a great news! Congrats Fr. Maria. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=5.0&articleid=44 He has the CHARISMA... Fr Pascual Chavez is the one truly carved out for the job at hand! He certainly has the charisma that draws one to himself and beyond. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=43 A Welcome News!!! Congrats Holy Spirit The Re-election of the Rector Major is a welcome news, though as Fr. K.J. put it, it was ``never really in doubt``! http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=42 CONGRATULATIONS welcome to shillong http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=6.0&articleid=40 ``The criteria for considering a confrere as a ``missionary`` and a territory as ``mission`` need to be considered.`` Thank you for summing up for us Fr. Francis Alencherry`s mission report. He has done so well during the past 6 years as the Councillor for the Missions. Since I used to go to Rome every year of the past 6 years to animate the group of SDB missionaries for the Missions, I can feel the great missionary ardour in what Fr. Francis has written. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=38 The roots have become the weeds - Return to Don Bosco Our birth was in the oratory; Our root is the oratory. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=35 Liberal disciplinarians Call it an Oxymoron or a Paradox, it is the reality. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=34 How many of us will score distinction? Fourteen years of study, for the priests and religious ...What are we good at? Do we know our field of study? Do you know our major papers? What is our specialization? http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=6.0&articleid=33 Film Protest Controversies Help Box Office C.M. Paul* ROME (SAR NEWS) -- Riding on the waves of a controversy has been an age-old surefire strategy to salvage flop films. Producers of period or religious films, which normally do not attract large crowds of cine-goers, use controversy to keep their film afloat in the box office. They hope sustained column centimetres, as well as sound and visual bytes in the mainstream media will keep the crowds flocking to the cinemas. <i>In the face of this planned strategy, what should be the reaction of the Indian Church?</i> http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=32 Whitewashed Intellectuals (Poem) A question that comes up everytime i am alone. Am I living my salesian to the full? http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=31 We have Killed God ``Where has God gone?`` he cried. ``I shall tell you. We have killed him - you and I have killed him. We are his murderers. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=29 The Call to Be Christian among Christian Religious Why should we need to rethink our Christian life and call ``The last Christian died on the Cross.`` Said Nitchez. ``I don`t believe in a God who sits in heaven and enjoys his life when people are suffering on earth.`` I rather would burn all the Churches and I would be ready to crucify Christ naked for hundred times if he tells me to pray and to pray when my people are dying out of injustice and poverty. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=27 An either / or for us today! We speak of a ``options``! Option for the poor, Option for the Young, Option for the Oppressed and so on! today, we have a fundamental otpion to make - an inevitable either/or - To BE or to DO! http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=25 For us the Word, listened to with faith, is a source of spiritual life, food for prayer, light to see God`s will in the events of life, and strength to live our vocation faithfully. I am happy to present to you a few suggestions to make our Children and our Young come closer to the Word of God. This extract is from the Provincial Circular, October 2007. Thanks to Fr. Stanislaus Swamikannu SDB, INM Provincial for leading the Province to Jesus Christ. If we do not present Jesus Christ to our youngsters what else are we presenting! http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=22 Low Participation in BIS Worshop The representation for the BIS Correspondents from the communities is very low. Why??? http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=9.0&articleid=20 MODERN MEDIA ACCELERATES THE NEED FOR SEX EDUCATION It is said that while a teacher was speaking to the children on HIV/AIDS she happened to mention that `there are diverse colours of condoms`. A voice from the class interrupted asking ``Teacher, what do you mean by diverse?`` With so much exposure today, children know more than what we expect them to know on sex. But the concern is whether they know the right stuff. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=9.0&articleid=19 E-CHURCH: A NEW REVELATION Mikethecoug, boamura, parisbloande, DaleATL2, jimclbn, latinlabel, Guajolotio, msjoylstokes, brandy333. Are you wondering what language am I writing? These are the names of visitors of e-church for their spiritual needs and interactive answers about Christianity. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=18 Dear Confreres of Trichy..Feel us Close to You! It is a real shock to the Salesians of Tamilnadu! More so, for the PRovince of Trichy. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=6.0&articleid=16 The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has broadened the definition of corporal punishment. It now includes even calling a child ``mindless`` or ``stupid``. While, there may be some who might still argue that corporal punishment is the best or the only way to discipline children, the time has perhaps come for teachers and school authorities to look for another alternative to discipline students as the commission says no to corporal punishment in any form. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=15 SPACE FOR THE POOR It is not important to work for the poor, rather we should make sure that the poor enter our campuses, and become the main beneficiaries of all our works. To reach out to the poor is the mission of a Salesian. When Don Bosco began his work for the poor he went in search of them; he didn`t work inside the campus expecting them to come to him. Like Jesus, he went in search of the lost sheep. It is also true that when we are with the poor and work for the poor we indeed are working with the kingdom of God: ``Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven``. Allow the poor to become the center of our activities. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=14 Networking is the order of the day ! It is truly heartening to see the willingness and eagerness towards networking among various sectors in the province! it is great and has to be carried to newer heights. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=13 Working for the poor is not `important`, but a `option` for the poor. As religious, we have consecrated ourselves to the poor without our own security and desires. As days go by, we tend to sleep off with our own commitment and hardwork. So often we need to discern ourselves and take a right path towards the option for the poor,which is needed for the time and space of this century. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=12 Social communication networks with social ministry. I witnessed for the first time in the Chennai Province the desire to come together and network our mission towards rural youth. There was openess in sharing and discussion. How good it would be if we come together like this for working for the common mission? This will help us in advoccy. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=9.0&articleid=9 How many of us really steal people`s hearts There was a big crowd to bid farewell to a man who loved his people dearly. It was a moving sight for me to see so many of his friends turning up for the funeral. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=9.0&articleid=8 The national website puts Salesians in India at par with corporate sectors - a model for the Congregation at large. The two days seminar cum workshop at The Citadel, Chennai for the Uravu correspondents of the various houses was the need of the hour. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=9.0&articleid=7 Will bricks make a home for the homeless A house for the street children is still in the air at Vellakinar, Coimbatore. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=9.0&articleid=6 Speak Up and let the voice of the voiceless be heard. Citizen Journalism is a wonderful way to express yourself to the world. Who knows your words can work miracles and change the world. People and agencies will come forward to support your cause. So start writing. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=9.0&articleid=5 Salesians should reach out to the youth of HIV/AIDS The Salesians in India should reach out to the youth affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=9.0&articleid=4 I personally remember him for his `Chastity Good Nights` The demise of Fr. N.I. John is like adding more sadness to already grieving heart. The Province of Trichy was just recovering from the sudden and unexpected demise of Fr. Amala Joseph, a young and dynamic Salesian, in a gastly accident. Now the death of Fr. N.I. is even more heart breaking. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=3 Vow - BIS Team! We congratulate the BIS Team for the new look of the site! it is professionally done and browser-friendly. Continue to be on the look out to make it simpler and more versatile! KEEP IT UP!