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Many may have doubts about qualifying our times as revolutionary. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=153 Living in an Age of Revolutions We are living through a revolutionary period, or at least so we are told. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=152 CORRUPTION OF CULTURE OR CULTURE OF CORRUPTION Who in this country does not raise his voice against corruption? Well, here is one. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=150 CAN CHURCH BE INTERESTING? Once a programme was organised in a parish for school children. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=148 Missionary Spirit Dear Fr. Paul, Thanks for your story on Fr. Puthenpura. I have also read your Blog. Congrats. What Fr. Sebastian has written and which you have cited: ``there is a general decline in our missionary spirit and enthusiasm... etc.`` is certainly true to some extent. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=144 WHO ARE OUR ENEMIES? We speak of enemies like we speak of friends. That is to say, we need friends; so we need also enemies. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=142 CELL PHONE AND CELL LIFE Monks of old lived in little cells. Now most have moved from such cells to bigger rooms. Some young students still sleep in cells. The word cell today is increasingly used for cells in a jail. I have no intention at all to talk about that unfortunate use of the word. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=139 The man who ``scootered`` his way to Heaven! Fr. John Med sdb (1916-2011): A Tribute by Francis Hembrom sdb A golden era of Salesian India has passed with the passing away of our dear Rev. Fr. John Med, who did not just belong to any Province, but belonged to India - Salesian India, to all of us. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=137 EDUCATION: THINKING OUT OF THE BOX ``Christian educators have a special responsibility to Christian youth. In India, the right of the Christian community to run educational institutions of their own and to form their members according to their own religion and culture is guaranteed by the Constitution. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=136 Silence and the Word Christmas is a time for celebration; a celebration that very often could turn noisy, distracting and meaningless. But, in fact, the celebration of Christmas is for an event that happened so silently in history. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=135 A Confession FB-style I have a confession to make. I am a reluctant latecomer to the universe of Facebook. I was very hesitant to join FB... not that I didn`t like the concept of FB but it looked (still does look) strange for me. At the same time, I cannot but admire the marvellous technological creativity behind FB or MySpace and the various social network services on the net with the capacity of an almost `infinite` and `universal` range of contacting people (provided they are part of the service). http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=133 Back being a student - A Good Way to Be(gin) Teaching <i>The following is an improvement of what I wrote to a struggling teacher-friend of mine, with my experience of being a student all over again. Perhaps it will be useful to some. Perhaps to some practical-trainees.</i> Back being a student is torturous? Maybe! Sitting in a class, trying to understand something out of it? Not a total failure. Back being a student helps one to be a better teacher, or at least try something different. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=132 HELP THY NEIGHBOUR FIRST, THEN GO ABOUT CHANGING THE WORLD Bro. George Sungmur served many years in the motor mechanics department at Don Bosco Technical School, Shillong. In the late seventies, he came to stay in the theologate in Mawlai. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=131 A JUBILEE OF SORTS On 6 August, the new academic year at Sacred Heart College, Mawlai, Shillong, was inaugurated. The occasion had a special significance for me. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=128 WHY DO GOOD WITH MEANS NOT SO GOOD? (Contd.) Educational institutions are an excellent means of doing good. There is no doubt that much good is done. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=127 WHY DO GOOD WITH MEANS NOT SO GOOD? I am surprised every time I read the story of Ananias and Saphira in Acts 5. By modern standards they were by no means bad people. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=125 A Difficult Idea When I was young, teachers taught me to learn Mathematics. Not merely did they teach Mathematics. They taught me to use my fingers and count. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=124 LETTER FROM AMERICA (contd.) (Fr. Paul Vadakumpadan continues his reflections on his recent visit to America to preach mission appeals.) http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=120 How tempted...! How tempted am I to pray this! http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=115 Letter from America For a long time, I used to be a regular listener to Alistair Cooke`s BBC radio programme Letter from America. Cooke`s letter was the longest running radio programme in history by a single person, lasting 58 years. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=107 TILL WE MEET AGAIN AT THE NEXT FUNERAL An interesting aspect of funerals is that they bring together people who have not met one another for a long time. A fitting parting wish at funerals could be ``till we meet again at the next funeral.`` So the dead render a remarkable service by bringing together the living. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=102 Politics in Religion and Religion in Politics: A Tale of two Gujaratis A Tale of two Gujaratis This is the story of two Gujaratis. One I would like to call Mohandas Jesus Gandhi and the other Narendra Hitler Modi. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=97 What`s in a Name? When I was a little boy, my mother took me for admission to a local school. Thank God this was many years ago, when there was no rush for admissions. Moreover, there was no such thing as commercialised education or even if there was, the common people did not know about it. Anyway, I got admission for the asking. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=91 <b>Holy Men?</b> We always need holy men and women. But who are they and what are they like? We need not only holy but also men and women, genuine human beings. In other words, holy men today need to be more human. Does that mean we need more humanity and less sanctity? Not exactly. Deeper humanity will lead to higher sanctity. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=80 To Auschwitz and Back (Part II) The recent events in Orissa, Karnataka and elsewhere in the country have made me realise that what I saw at Auschwitz was not just an aberration of history. Fundamentalism, ethnic chauvinism, hatred towards the other, and exploiting human suffering for political gain are as much a fact today as they were in Hitler`s Germany. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=66 To Auschwitz and Back (1) I set foot in an Auschwitz gas chamber good sixty years after the death of Adolf Hitler. Fortunately! If I had entered there when that monster was alive, I would by now have been part of history. An international association of missiologists to which I belong held its plenary sometime back in Poland. No one goes to Poland without visiting Auschwitz and Jasna Gora and of course, Wadowice, the birthplace of Pope John Paul II. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=59 THE WORD OF GOD: Life for the Soul, not chewing Gum for the Mind There was once a Salesian community that was known for its attachment to scripture. In fact, they had the bible enthroned not only in the chapel but also in the dining hall and in the community room. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=58 Pate, Paunch and Power Men in midlife face a three-fold problem, more correctly a three-fold challenge. Each begins with a P. We may speak of a 3P problem: pate, paunch and power. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=57 <b>SHEPHERDING</b><i> POLICESTYLE</i> <i>I have spent much time looking for the word police in the bible. So far I have not found it. You may wonder why I looked for such a word. The reason is simple. I find a lot of policing going on among those who follow the bible or profess to follow it.</i> http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=53 FAMILIARITY WITH THE WORD OF GOD Following up the report on Fr. Frank Moloney`s Good Night to the members of GC26 http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=4.0&articleid=42 CONGRATULATIONS welcome to shillong