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In his arsenal of non-lethal weapons humour occupies the prime place in negotiating life`s pot holes both in the public domain and in private lives. For the civilized man a sense of proportion of things and a razor sharp intellect replace the savage`s fist of fury . Perhaps like our shrinking integrity in public life our sense of humour is taking a beating and intolerance is becoming pervasive and shooting up by the day. Like the uncommon common sense it is becoming rare to find. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=123 Praying with other Religions - the Problematics! Praying with people of other faiths in a multi religious context like that of India, is a current issue with the National Seminar just over at Bangalore. There are a few problematics that strike me as I wrestle with its possibilities. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=118 About National Seminar - Fr. Ubahara Santhanam In the Human Rights efforts cannot be really measured but we can only `feel` it and experience it. This only necessiates the creation of child Rights watch Group and Human Rights Groups. We shall all commit ourselves towards declaration of zero Tolerence of Human Rights violence. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=117 Institutions and the Human Rights On the first day of the Seminar, eminent social activists have challenged the participants on many grounds. One of the interesting points was on the extent of involvement of Salesians in the field of Human Rights. It was argued that our institutions are not in a position to involve in the human rights issues in India due to our dependence on the government in some way or the other. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=113 The need of the hour: MORE SERVANTS and LESS SERVICES Today`s world represents a saturated planet where almost all have everything at their disposal. The best of services are offered in all the fields to all the people. Even the so-named poor seem to be in the know-how,see-how and have-how of everything. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=88 COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY get away from stress and anxiety http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=87 IS YOUR BEST FRIEND BEST FOR YOU IS YOUR BEST FRIEND BEST FOR YOU http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=84 Word of God and the World of God While there is a growing desire among the lay Christians for the Word of God, the members of the`Select Group` (Priests & Religious) are losing themselves away in a world without God. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=83 TEENAGERS DONT JOIN HIP CROWD Teenagers love space and freedom http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=82 MOTHERS APRON STRINGS mothers let your sons have a happy family life with thier wifes http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=81 SOOTHING TOUCH A Soothing touch can ease the pain, says new research http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=77 Lend your ear to your stressed child Lend your ear to your stressed child http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=65 Get well soon I was really sad to hear that you are hospitalized. Get well soon. Praying for your good health. Remembering you with love and appreciation. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=63 Fr. Stan we are with you We are deeply troubled when we came to know that you are hospitalized. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=55 True Freedom BINDS us (to our Obligations)!! Under the guise of `freedom of the individual` do we not constantly betray our own true freedom that has goaded us to take upon ourselves various obligations in Religious, Salesian and Priestly life? http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=52 Priestly Purity, Temperance and Peace. Each priest has a singular privilege of being chosen by God from birth. They might have grown up in different environment and circumstance. They might have had varied experiences. But once they are priests they are faced with the big challenge and responsibility of being pure and balanced. They ask, ``Is it possible to be pure and balanced in this world? Is it possible to have peace in this changing and sophisticated world?`` These are the basic and genuine questions that taunt a priest as he goes about living his life in this world. They may think that to live a pure and balanced life are just some pious exhortations and may not be possible at all. But nothing is impossible with God. It is possible with the help of God. More than believing in this they need to experience this in their life. They will experience this after many struggles and temptations. But once they are victorious they will get peace. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=51 Discipline is equally important as Prayer. As a religious, we are usually exemplary in the eyes of the public. But what matters is how disciplined we are. Discipline is very important as it takes us closer to God. Discipline is not in doing big things, but doing simple things well. We would like to share with you the message on DISCIPLINE which is equally important as PRAYER. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=50 How much do you know about your soul? Dear Fathers and Brothers,We would like to share with you our message on PRAYER and its relevance in nourishing our soul in the present context. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=49 The Human Face of the Congregation - IT`S THERE! Fr. Ivo`s reflection on the Human Face of the Congregation, triggers our thinking in the right direction! Has the contingent from this part of the world, presented itself as a force to reckon with... in every way...if not where have we faltered? http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=45 There goes the Spirit`s hand again! Wow! Fr. Maria! Fr. Maria Arokiam Kanaga (MAK)... the new Regional! Wow! This is a great news! Congrats Fr. Maria. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=43 A Welcome News!!! Congrats Holy Spirit The Re-election of the Rector Major is a welcome news, though as Fr. K.J. put it, it was ``never really in doubt``! http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=38 The roots have become the weeds - Return to Don Bosco Our birth was in the oratory; Our root is the oratory. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=35 Liberal disciplinarians Call it an Oxymoron or a Paradox, it is the reality. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=34 How many of us will score distinction? Fourteen years of study, for the priests and religious ...What are we good at? Do we know our field of study? Do you know our major papers? What is our specialization? http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=32 Whitewashed Intellectuals (Poem) A question that comes up everytime i am alone. Am I living my salesian to the full? http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=31 We have Killed God ``Where has God gone?`` he cried. ``I shall tell you. We have killed him - you and I have killed him. We are his murderers. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=29 The Call to Be Christian among Christian Religious Why should we need to rethink our Christian life and call ``The last Christian died on the Cross.`` Said Nitchez. ``I don`t believe in a God who sits in heaven and enjoys his life when people are suffering on earth.`` I rather would burn all the Churches and I would be ready to crucify Christ naked for hundred times if he tells me to pray and to pray when my people are dying out of injustice and poverty. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=27 An either / or for us today! We speak of a ``options``! Option for the poor, Option for the Young, Option for the Oppressed and so on! today, we have a fundamental otpion to make - an inevitable either/or - To BE or to DO! http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=25 For us the Word, listened to with faith, is a source of spiritual life, food for prayer, light to see God`s will in the events of life, and strength to live our vocation faithfully. I am happy to present to you a few suggestions to make our Children and our Young come closer to the Word of God. This extract is from the Provincial Circular, October 2007. Thanks to Fr. Stanislaus Swamikannu SDB, INM Provincial for leading the Province to Jesus Christ. If we do not present Jesus Christ to our youngsters what else are we presenting! http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=22 Low Participation in BIS Worshop The representation for the BIS Correspondents from the communities is very low. Why??? http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=18 Dear Confreres of Trichy..Feel us Close to You! It is a real shock to the Salesians of Tamilnadu! More so, for the PRovince of Trichy. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=15 SPACE FOR THE POOR It is not important to work for the poor, rather we should make sure that the poor enter our campuses, and become the main beneficiaries of all our works. To reach out to the poor is the mission of a Salesian. When Don Bosco began his work for the poor he went in search of them; he didn`t work inside the campus expecting them to come to him. Like Jesus, he went in search of the lost sheep. It is also true that when we are with the poor and work for the poor we indeed are working with the kingdom of God: ``Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven``. Allow the poor to become the center of our activities. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=14 Networking is the order of the day ! It is truly heartening to see the willingness and eagerness towards networking among various sectors in the province! it is great and has to be carried to newer heights. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=13 Working for the poor is not `important`, but a `option` for the poor. As religious, we have consecrated ourselves to the poor without our own security and desires. As days go by, we tend to sleep off with our own commitment and hardwork. So often we need to discern ourselves and take a right path towards the option for the poor,which is needed for the time and space of this century. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=12 Social communication networks with social ministry. I witnessed for the first time in the Chennai Province the desire to come together and network our mission towards rural youth. There was openess in sharing and discussion. How good it would be if we come together like this for working for the common mission? This will help us in advoccy. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=2.0&articleid=3 Vow - BIS Team! We congratulate the BIS Team for the new look of the site! it is professionally done and browser-friendly. Continue to be on the look out to make it simpler and more versatile! KEEP IT UP!