en-us Don Bosco India SpeakUp in Province : 'Bangalore' Classification : 'All' http://www.donboscoindia.com Copyright 2005 All rights reserved Fri, 21 Jan 2022 10:25:08 +0000India Standard Time webmaster@donboscoindia.org Don Bosco india http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/images/toplogo1.gif http://www.donboscoindia.com/ 255 41 Visit http://www.donboscoindia.com http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=1.0&articleid=104 Cleopas says, ``We did it that day and it is your turn now!`` Easter Season specially calls us to relive this Emmaus experience. It is a step by step process in which Jesus revealed himself. This Emmaus episode teaches the whole treatise of Revelation in a simpler and convincing manner. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=1.0&articleid=78 <b>Attacks on Mangalore Christians - A Dozen Doubts !!!</b> The attacks on Christian Churches in Karataka is a cause of concern. Not only has there been attack from fundamental groups but the apathy from government officials. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=1.0&articleid=60 Saint Buried in Tirupattur We buried not Fr.Ittayachen but Holy man...saintly man Ittayachen. It was very moving for me to participate in the funeral service of Fr. Ittyachen....on 29th of May at 4.00 p.m. in Don Bosco School Tirupattur. http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=1.0&articleid=46 Well done - Don Bosco India Congratulations to the newly elected team for the animation of the Congregation. In particular of course to the Rector Major and our Regional - Fr. Maria Arokiam.