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PORUTHUR Joseph, Chennai says,
Priestly Purity, Temperance and Peace.
Chennai, Apr. 4. Each priest has a singular privilege of being chosen by God from birth. They might have grown up in different environment and circumstance. They might have had varied experiences.  But once they are priests they are faced with the big challenge and responsibility of being pure and balanced. They ask, ``Is it possible to be pure and balanced in this world? Is it possible to have peace in this changing and sophisticated world?`` These are the basic and genuine questions that taunt a priest as he goes about living his life in this world. They may think that to live a pure and balanced life are just some pious exhortations and may not be possible at all. But nothing is impossible with God. It is possible with the help of God. More than believing in this they need to experience this in their life. They will experience this after many struggles and temptations. But once they are victorious they will get peace.
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