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ANTHUVAN Maria Arul , Guwahati says,
The man who ``scootered`` his way to Heaven! Fr. John Med sdb (1916-2011): A Tribute by Francis Hembrom sdb
Guwahati, Jan. 28. A golden era of Salesian India has passed with the passing away of our dear Rev. Fr. John Med, who did not just belong to any Province, but belonged to India - Salesian India, to all of us. Read full text »
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Dominic Fdz India Kochi
August 29, 2014

Greetings from Dominic, who belonged to Dimapur Province (Sure many remember me...) now peacefully at Vaduthala and reaching out on this Bicentenary of the Birth of Don Bosco. This piece brought to mind how I met Fr.Med. A solemn venerable old man. God rest his Soul. Manipur Mission brings to Mind Chingmeirong, Kaupum Valley... But also Sad memories of Fr.Raphel Palliakkara SDB & Andreas Kindo who succomed to bullets (both of whom were close to my heart as we spent years together) and Fr.Jose. Well it also reminds of the days. Dear Father Superiors, Friends out there, the world has not improved a bit rather it is agonizingly on the wrong path. Can you be a Don Bosco, a candle in the darkness?????
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