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Lakkisetti Praveen, Hyderabad says,
Walking an Extra Mile...
Hyderabad, Apr. 9. Recently once traveling in the train, I have come across a situation where the aspect of spirituality was put to question. I happened to witness a situation where an youngster took out his laptop and started showing a few film clippings to his nephew and niece who were with him(I only heard them calling him Uncle). After a couple of minutes, in my curiosity, I too became a viewer of the same since being in the same berth. As we were lost in watching, a boy aged around twelve came begging. At the first instance, none of us paid attention. As the boy pestered asking for some money, the youngster got annoyed and chased him. As I got diverted from watching, I happened to see the boy in his misery, both the legs swollen. He dragged himself from our coach to the next with great difficulty. It was only later, that I realized the boy had no more strength to walk and fallen asleep near the toilets. This incident triggered in me a sense of being one with those in need. Though, I myself never bothered in the beginning, later, the thought kept ringing in my mind. Read full text »
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