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Don Bosco Publishing House, Hyderabad announces the publication of `Word with us` Bible Diary 2021 in English
By Baly Yerramaneni sdb
Hyderabad, Nov. 10. Hyderabad, 10 November 2020: `Word with us` is a humble effort of Don Bosco Publishing House of the Province of St Joseph, Hyderabad to make its contribution to the Ministry of the Word, making the presence of the Incarnate Word felt concretely in and through the daily Eucharistic celebration where the Word comes alive, enlivening the faith of every disciple of Christ. With almost a decade long history in the ministry of the `Word` in Telugu, the Don Bosco Publishing House now steps into the English-speaking world. The Bible Diary is scheduled to be released in the fourth week of November 2020. Read full text

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