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Don Bosco Nitika`s `ASK` Answers Catechetical Queries Online
By Nirmal Jamreet Toppo
Kolkata, May. 29. Don Bosco Nitika Catechetical Centre based at Kolkata, has initiated ASK - Answers for Seekers of the Kingdom. The talks live-streamed on YouTube Channel Kolkata Salesians is the initiative of Nitika Director Father Gilbert Choondal, as several catechetical seminars are cancelled with the COVID-19  lockdown. Father Choondal answers questions on Catholic faith raised by the viewers, after ASK Online collects questions through emails, Whatsapp and SMS. The talk show started on 01 May 2020 and is viewed by about 1000 people from across the world. Nitika Catechetical Centre plans to launch similar content in Bengali, Santhali and Hindi. Over 100 topics are discussed already at ASK Online. Father Patrick Lepcha hosts the same programme in Nepali. Read full text
Don Bosco Nitika Director Father Gilbert Choondal answers queries during the ASK Online live-stream.

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