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Bosconet Designed Logo Nominated as Don Bosco COVID-19 Solidarity Relief Global Logo
By Cheryl Bartholomeusz & Father Noel Maddhichetty
Mumbai, Apr. 25. Don Bosco was a great visionary leader of the world, who dedicated his life for youth and children, the most vulnerable group at all times in the world. Today, the UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez says COVID 19 will hit hard the children and youth. The logo conceptualised and designed by Bosconet - Mission Office of South Asia, Delhi, is nominated by an international panel to promote the global campaign of Don Bosco Solidarity for COVID 19 Relief. Read full text

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THARAKAN John India Coimbatore
April 26, 2020

congratulations for the honour of having the LOGO selected. Even more for the fantastic work the world over in relief work. Even the Rector Major with his office stepped into the effort. So much news of what sooooo many Salesians are doing. I am very proud of what Salesians are doing. I have something more to add: 1. The word RELIEF betrays the mind set of the congregation: The charity approach of giving, rather than involvement of the people, sharing and participation. 2. Too much Don Bosco and Salesian elements: DON BOSCO, Salesian Logo, Picture of Don Bosco. Let not the right hand know what the left is doing. yet we need to do in solidarity and need a logo and other means to keep connected. 3. SOLIDARITY includes PARTICIPATION. May COVID 19 lead us from a hierarchical approach in our mission to a participatory way in our works and the way we practice preventive system. 3. The Chapter Theme was: What kind of Salesians for the young today? Where are the young in the logo except the automatic place on the Salesian logo that is integrated? 4. If we join the UN, we need to follow a HUMAN RIGHTS BASED APPROACH (HRBA). This again is practice of the Preventive System You are welcome to consider my views. I must assert once again that the participation of Salesians all over the world, and especially in the South Asian Region, is indeed unprecedented. Congrats once again. John TD


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