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A replica of Don Bosco`s house inspires youth to dare and dream in Guwahati
By Father. Bivan R. Mukhim
Guwahati, Feb. 3. A small structure to fuel big dreams. The province of Guwahati has installed the replica of the house at Becchi in Italy, in which Don Bosco spent his childhood, on the provincial house premises at Panbazar. The replica of the house of Becchi, a bicentenary tribute to the 'Saint of the Youth'  was blessed on the feast of Don Bosco 31 January. Ninety eight year old Italian Salesian Father Porcu Mario gave the message and the Archbishop of Guwahati John Moolachira blessed it. It believes the structure will inspire the youth to dream big like the 19th century Italian Catholic Priest. Read full text

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