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Juboree 2014 steps out to heal the world with peace
By Nirmal Toppo, SDB
Kolkata, Jan. 1. To some it seemed like a celebration. To some it seemed a protest march. To most it was a show of richness of variety in cultural heritage. Dressed in sarees in the hues of white, red and pink specific to traditional attire of Bengali and Nepali people the choreographed movements urged the people to heed the call to heal the world. Mother Theresa walked with the poor, accompanied by goddess Durga in the form she is worshiped at Dasahara. In varied socio-religious symbols the procession entered into the lanes where people had comfortably chosen to stay on the last day of the year. The people needed to awake to the New Year with a reminder. The steps of young scouts and guides had ventured on the roads of Bandel to communicate the message of peace. Read full text