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Fr. Adriano Bregolin in Panjim speaks about Challenges of Religious Life
By Fr Ian Figueiredo
Panjim, Nov. 9. Fr. Adriano Bregolin, Vicar of the Rector Major of the Salesians, arrived in Panjim on 7 November for his first visit of the Province. In the evening of the same day he addressed a gathering of about 40 Salesians from all parts of the Province, and reflected with them on some aspects and trends of religious life today. Read full text
Rev. Fr. Adriano Bregolin in the Province of Panjim

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PORUTHUR Joseph India
November 10, 2013

In my opinion, Fr. Bregolin has touched the right chord to present the situation of the Reglious life with all sincerity. The mere fact, that he spoke of it and the content of his message published online is a sign of hope that Salesians want to revive and live a better consecrated life, which they loved so much in their initial stages of life. In fact, they have vowed to live so. I am happy to see Salesians who repent and live as children of the Light. But I also see a few remnants who continue to choose evil and refuse to do any good in a community living, championing on the side of the Devil. I guess, they choose evil as convenience than as conviction. And the type of leadership is very critical in this context. Whom do the RM, Provincials and Rectors side with? Are they champions of God or Money? Much depends on leadership.


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