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Divyadaan`s Represenation At The 38th Meet of Association of Christian Philosophers of India
By Fr. Robert Pen sdb
Mumbai, Nov. 1. The 38th annual meeting of ACPI (Association of Christian Philosophers of India) was held at St. Charles Seminary, Seminary Hills, Nagpur from 25th to 28th October 2013 to reflect on the theme ``Dynamics of Development: Negations and Negotiations``. Divyadaan Institute, Pune, was represented at the meet by Frs. Ashley Miranda, Felix Fernandes, Robert Pen and Brian Bandya, Ofm Cap. Imbibing the Indian and Christian heritage of the integral development of humans, and responding to the call to work towards such an idea, 70 professors of philosophy across the country launched themselves into a praxis-oriented philosophical reflection on development. Read full text

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