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Economer General says ``Indian delegation must come prepared for GC 27.``
By C.M.Paul
Guwahati, Aug. 13. The Salesian Economer General Br Jean Paul Muller on his return trip from meeting of the South Asia Economers held at Siloam had a dinner stop over at the provincial house Guwahati.

Addressing the confreres gathered from Guwahati area Br Muller said, ``the Indian delegation to GC 27 has to come well prepared, and not only present the biggest crowd, but also you are obliged to help change by giving personnel for leadership positions in the Society.`` Read full text
Brs Angelus and Joby with Br Muller.

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PORUTHUR Joseph India Chennai
August 14, 2013

I support the quota system in an organization, so as to include every ethnic group in a committee and to represent all vital issues at the top policy making and governing body. But when it comes to leadership, i agree with Bro. JP Muller, "it should be given to the most competent person". The competence, first and foremost, as I understand, is to walk in the light of Truth. Being a professional in the job, ranks only second. Lay societies demand a leader with integrity. Should we not look for a leader who is pleasing in the eyes of God! Hope, saints are not raised on quota basis.


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