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DB ARK connecting to Chetnalaya (Mukundpur) for PY-YAR Movement
By Arimpoor Joe
New Delhi, Nov. 16. ``Love is a beautiful thing, it enriches the soul and makes a heart sing....!``

``That`s why we all have decided in today`s meeting at Chetnalaya in Mukundpur (New Delhi), that we`re going to bring the change in the society which is possible only with ``Love``. Hence we all support this project called PY-YAR``. This encouragement of Chetnalaya staff members and their energetic response shows that Don Bosco Animation and Research Kendra, Delhi, can successfully create a society where there`s no discrimination of rich and poor, dark and fair in colour, caste and religion etc., but there shall be Justice, Love and Equality which is the motive of our project called PY-YAR (Privileged Youth to Young at Risk)movement. This meeting was conducted on the date 17th October 2011, at the village Mukundpur.
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