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The Shepherd came with his Sheep to meet the Shepherd of the Young
By Ralin DeSouza
Panjim, Aug. 18. The evening of the first day of Don Bosco`s arrival at Oros manifested something even more
spectacular. Hundreds of people, Christians as well as those of other faiths, attended the
Eucharistic Adoration. ``Let us thank God for the gift of Don Bosco to the Church and to
society!``exclaimed Fr. Lino Lopes, who conducted the adoration service which lasted more
than two hours. Impressive, it may sound, but the entire crowd remained to the end, even
people of other faiths. It was clearly evident, looking at the huge crowd that Don Bosco was
able to draw people towards Christ. Through moments of praise, worship, adoration and
prayer, the congregation thanked God for the gift of Don Bosco, the patron of the young. Read full text

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