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Don Bosco`s Holy Relic at Holy Child Auxilium School, New Delhi
By Anjilikuzhiyil Thomas
New Delhi, Aug. 3.  The Relic of Don Bosco arrived on Friday 29 July 2011 at the gates of Holy Child School, New Delhi, as part of the world wide pilgrimage to mark the 150th anniversary of the Salesian Order. The motorcade, accompanying the specially designed and built truck carrying the Holy Relic, reached Poorvi Marg from the Don Bosco Provincial House at Okhla at 7:40 am. Elaborate arrangement had been made by the Delhi police to direct and manage the traffic in the area. Both sides of the road were lined with HCA students waving ecstatically multihued flags while the air reverberated with their greetings ``Long Live Don Bosco!`` and ``We love you Don Bosco!`` Read full text

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