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``WE ARE ALL CALLED TO BE LIKE CHRIST, JUST AS DON BOSCO WAS,`` says Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo,
By Fr. Shilanand Kerketta
New Delhi, Jul. 24.  About seven thousand faithful had a highly spiritual experience of the Eucharistic celebration in the presence of the sacred relic of Don Bosco celebrated prayerfully by His Eminence, Cardinal Telephore P. Toppo,  Archbishop of Ranchi archdiocese. Speaking during the homily he underscored the vocation to holiness given by God to every human being. He said, ``We are all called to be like Christ just as Don Bosco was.`` Through his Spirit-filled homily and well articulated prayers, he led the Christian community on 17th Sunday of the year into an intense celebration of the Lord`s resurrection which the relic signifies. Read full text

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