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National Congress & Centenary of World Confederation of DB Alumni begins at Itanagar
By Fr. Tarcisius Toppo & Fr. Policarp Xalxo
Dimapur, Jan. 30. Arunachal Pradesh the land of the Rising Sun, with its beauty of myth and magic had the rare privilege and honour of hosting the three-day National Congress and centenary of the World Federation of Don Bosco Alumni from 29 - 31 January, at State Banquet Hall, Itanagar. Gen. J.J. Singh, His Excellency, the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh inaugurated the memorable event in the history of Alumni in Arunachal on 29 January, and called them to live by the theme ``Review, Renew, and Return to Don Bosco, to usher in a Century of Peace and National Integration``. His Excellency lauded the missionary schools for their contribution to education. He cherished his memory of being educated by Catholic missionaries. Speaking during the function, he said, ``Keep alive the legacy of Don Bosco, the educator by working together and make a positive difference in the society.`` ``Provide service and leadership by building a system of networking to educate young people for future`` he said. Read full text

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