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A life more than exemplary... Bocha Ravi Kumar
By Castilino
Hyderabad, Nov. 16. The life of this boy can certainly be called exemplary, not just for what he has today become but also for what he intends to do in the future.  It is not just a story of a boy who rose from rags to riches but that of sheer determination and will power to do something challenging and noble in life.  A thatched hut for a home, a sick mother for a family, a street light for a study lamp and an ailment that threatened his very sanity and almost led him to be an outcast were all that he had when he began his studies at the local school 15 years ago.  Today the same lad (now a young man) has in hand job offers from 7 multi-national companies to join their team of engineers with a fat pay, besides a student enrollment letter cum grand scholarship from IIT, Kanpur with a monthly stipend of Rs 12,000.  Welcome to the life of Bocha Ravi Kumar! Read full text

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