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Skill Trainers' Empowerment Programme (STEP) in Bangalore
20/08/2011.  Bangalore #N.5356

The Trainer is the corner stone of the BASE project and in order to capacitate the trainers, SKILL TRAINERS EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM (STEP 1) was held at DB Provincial House, Bangalore on August 17-18, 2011.. Read More

''Don Bosco: The Dreamer'' New Publication from Panjim-Konkan Province
20/08/2011.  Abroad #N.5357

BOSKON Communications (Communications Centre of the Panjim-Konkan Province) has published a new book. Titled ''Don Bosco-The Dreamer'' the pocket-edition is authored by Banzelao Teixeira,sdb.. Read More

South Goa Eagerly Awaits Don Bosco Relic
20/08/2011.  Abroad #N.5358

The Pilgrim Relic of St John Bosco, popularly known as Tornateancho Ixtt (meaning friend of youth in Konkani) will be arriving in South Goa to Don Bosco Fatorda on August 21, 2011. Having devotees in huge numbers from North Goa during the past few days, some of them even claiming to have received healing, the Relic will stopover at St. Andrew's Parish, Vasco on the 21st afternoon before being accorded a majestic welcome at Fatorda.. Read More

Don Bosco Relic at Oros, Sindhudurg - A Moving Experience
20/08/2011.  Abroad #N.5359

''Dark clouds hovered over the horizon in the early hours of the morning. No, Please God not today. Let there be a dry spell, said my heart as it throbbed with fear and anxiety. But, then it did rain at 8: 30am. Another 30 minutes and we would be in the procession with the relic of Don Bosco. How will this sea of people make it to the place of veneration? My heart questioned me a second time.'' Pre-Novice Vinay Ganawa from Don Bosco Udyogshala, Pinguli-Kudal recounts his experience with the Relic of Don Bosco at Sindhudurg.. Read More

20/08/2011.  Panjim #N.5360

As the second day set in, the students of various schools and secondary Schools came to see the relic of Don Bosco and seek his blessings.. Read More

DBCLM Celebrates Independence Day In A Grand Manner
20/08/2011.  Bangalore #N.5401

They immediately began to march to the tune of the drums and the band set that accompanied them. In both the centres the same procedure was followed and we had a colourful celebration of the great day.. Read More

DB TECH Bosco Plus 2011
19/08/2011.  Bangalore #N.5350

The Fourth batch of the Finishing School under the BOSCO PLUS programme was officially inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Joseph Elavanal, the Executive Director of BREADS on the 16th of August, 2011 at Don Bosco Technical Institute, Hassan.... Read More

19/08/2011.  Panjim #N.5351

On the arrival of John Bosco at the Don Bosco Oratory in Panjim at 5:15 p.m. there were a lot of eyes awaiting the blessed presence. The relics were welcomed by the students' council of Don Bosco School, High School, College, the neighbourhood people and members of the salesian family while the police band played salesian tunes. The Provincial, Fr. Ian Figueiredo initiated the ceremony by adorning the relic with a traditional garland on the behalf of the province and with the ''All 4 Jesus'' band at their best tunes. . Read More

Veneration of the Relic of Don Bosco, Adoration and Night Vigil Service at Panjim
19/08/2011.  Panjim #N.5352

The Relic of Don Bosco was kept for public veneration from 7:45 a.m. onwards at Don Bosco Panjim. People filled in and waited in serpentine queues to see the relic, pay homage, receive the blessings of Don Bosco and to feel his presence.. Read More

To dream and dare
19/08/2011.  Hyderabad #N.5353

Kadiyala Kamala could very well have been just another name in the list of residents of Seethampet village in the Kothavalasa Mandal of Vizianagaram District (Andhra Pradesh). That it still is. However Kamala is a well known name in the whole town of Kothavalasa. A little further into the city of Visakhapatnam, especially amidst the medical fraternity of the government facilities, the same Kamala is fast gaining popularity. Besides being the youngest government employee, Kamala is today looked up to by many a youngster, even her own seniors from school, college and nursing school. But this was not the case earlier. . Read More

TOGETHER TO REFLECT - Seminar for Catechists @ Ponnur
19/08/2011.  Hyderabad #N.5372

Rev. Fr. Raminedi Balaraju sdb, the Provincial of Hyderabad inaugurated a two day Province level Seminar for Catechists @ Ponnur on 16th August, 2011. Marking the preparation for the celebration of the 200th Anniversary of Don Bosco's birth the Province of Hyderabad undertaken a two day reflection on Evangelisation in Context with Catechists working in our Salesian Parishes. There were 32 plus participants for the seminar from all over the Andhra Pradesh. . Read More

The Shepherd came with his Sheep to meet the Shepherd of the Young
18/08/2011.  Panjim #N.5343

The evening of the first day of Don Bosco's arrival at Oros manifested something even more spectacular. Hundreds of people, Christians as well as those of other faiths, attended the Eucharistic Adoration. ''Let us thank God for the gift of Don Bosco to the Church and to society!''exclaimed Fr. Lino Lopes, who conducted the adoration service which lasted more than two hours. Impressive, it may sound, but the entire crowd remained to the end, even people of other faiths. It was clearly evident, looking at the huge crowd that Don Bosco was able to draw people towards Christ. Through moments of praise, worship, adoration and prayer, the congregation thanked God for the gift of Don Bosco, the patron of the young.. Read More

Don Bosco Relic Charges Youth
18/08/2011.  Panjim #N.5344

The Salesian communities of Don Bosco Oros and Pinguli animated a night vigil for the youth of the Sindhudurgh diocese on 18th August 2011. More than 200 youngsters from various parishes, along with their animators and parish priests, thronged to Oros to spend the evening with Don Bosco, the saint about whom they had heard so much in the run up to this event.. Read More

18/08/2011.  Mumbai #N.5346

On August 16, 2011 amidst the Parish Feast celebrations, the first and only Rathwi Bible, DevniVaat, in the folklore or storytelling style was released by Fr. Kenneth Pereira sdb at Chhotaudepur, through all the efforts put in and initiated by Fr. Elson, Fr. Ivan, Fr. James and Mr. Harsing who did the translation from the Gujarati Bible.. Read More

18/08/2011.  Mumbai #N.5347

For the seven thousand plus youth from fifty countries across the Salesian world, the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) gathering at the church of Mary Help of Christians, Madrid, was more than just a party. Participants revelled in fete games and cultural items staged through the early part of the evening. However, the entire seven thousand plus gathering turned reverentially silent over the final hour and a half that was dedicated to reflection and prayer. . Read More

18/08/2011.  Mumbai #N.5348

As the World Youth Day has been steadily unfolding, the Salesian Youth Movement had its special day as Rev. Fr. Fabio Attard, sdb and Rev. Sr. Ma del Carmen Canales, fma, both Counsellors of the Department of Youth Ministry for the respective congregations convened a Mini-Forum of SYM representatives of the Salesian World. There were about two hundred participants spanning the world from Africa, America, Asia-Oceania, Europe and Rome.. Read More

Marian Month at St. Paul's Regional Seminary, Nuzvid
18/08/2011.  Hyderabad #N.5382

St Paul's Regional Seminary, Nuzvid celebrated the Marian month commencing on the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (16th July. It concluded with the celebration of the twin feasts of Assumption of Our Blessed Mother and Independence Day of our motherland India. . Read More

17/08/2011.  Chennai #N.5333

A meaningful Prayer service was organized at the inception of the triennial preparation for the bicentenary of the birth of don bosco (1815-2015) on 16th August, 2011 at Don Bosco Beatitudes, Vyasarpadi - Chennai. More than 150 members of the Salesian Family from Chennai region participated. The prayer service was also organized in other three regions namely, Puducherry, Vellore and Tirupattur.. Read More

Sohra Miracle Child is Baptised at Don Bosco Shrine
17/08/2011.  Guwahati #N.5334

16 August, birthday of Don Bosco, Larisuk Khongsit has been baptised as Larisa Mary Khongsit. The baptism ceremony took place at the shrine of St. John Bosco, Cherrapunjee, where during the visit of the relic of Don Bosco, this bed-ridden girl had a miraculous healing after praying to Don Bosco. 23 young people and children from families that have been drawn to the faith through the healing of the 11 year old child also received baptism, at a ceremony presided over by His Grace Archbishop Dominic Jala SDB, of the archdiocese of Shillong.. Read More

Celebrations in Triple - DB Lalgudi
17/08/2011.  Tiruchy #N.5335

Don Bosco Lalgudi celebrated three Major celebrations, namely the 64th independence of our nation, the Assumption of our blessed Mother into heaven and the 2011-2012 Youth group inaugurations. . Read More

Night Becomes Day as DB Relic visits Konkan
17/08/2011.  Panjim #N.5336

Finally the long awaited and much prepared for day arrived. After the Don Bosco Birthday celebrations in Mumbai, the Relic arrived by road to the Salesian Province of Panjim-Konkan(INP). The relic was solemnly welcomed along with police escort and the provincial vehicles to the Auxilium Girls Promotion centre, Rambambuli, just forlongs away from the Don Bosco School, Oros, where it will be placed for the next two days. . Read More

Multi-lingual Mass at Gudalajara - Fr Maria Charles Preaches ''Change the World with Love''
17/08/2011.  Mumbai #N.5337

Adoration, reflection and celebration characterised the last day in the Diocese of Guadalajara. The World Youth Day (WYD) participants celebrated the Sunday Eucharist at parishes within whose jurisdiction they resided. The Salesian contingent had a multi lingual mass with the parishioners of the Don Bosco Parish. Fr. Maria Charles delivered a homily in English. Drawing inspiration from the life and example of John Paul II -the initiator of the WYD, - Fr. Charles stressed the importance of letting go of resentment against our aggressors to change the world with Love. . Read More

Prayerful Goodbye from GUADALAJARA, Onward to Madrid
17/08/2011.  Mumbai #N.5338

The days in the Diocese of Guadalajara were officially brought to a close with Bishop Atilano Rodriguez of the Diocese of Siigiiuenza-Guadalajara presiding over a solemn concelebrated Eucharist at the central Concordia Park. About seventy concelebrants of different nationalities, two thousand Worl Youth Day (WYD) pilgrims, and another two thousand faithful of the diocese participated prayerfully despite the blazing morning sun. Each of the nationalities present was featured by their representatives bearing their national flags. . Read More

17/08/2011.  Mumbai #N.5339

The days in the Diocese of Guadalajara were officially brought to a close with Bishop Atilano Rodriguez of the Diocese of Siigiiuenza-Guadalajara presiding over a solemn concelebrated Eucharist at the central Concordia Park. About seventy concelebrants of different nationalities, tow thousand Worl Youth Day (WYD) pilgrims, and another two thousand faithful of the diocese participated prayerfully despite the blazing morning sun. Each of the nationalities present was featured by their representatives bearing their national flags. . Read More

Don Bosco Relic Casket at Oros.
17/08/2011.  Panjim #N.5340

A solemn welcome to Don Bosco was given by his sons and daughters at 9:00 a.m. in Oros (Maharashtra) at the Salesian Sisters Convent. The theme of the mass was ''Don Bosco- Devachya Mogachem Novol.'' The Collector flagged off the rally. The police band, the traditional Kalash, the Maharashtrian lezim and the students of Don Bosco High School spiced up the rally with their music, dance and enthusiasm. Young girls showered flowers on their beloved Don Bosco to welcome him to their School. More than 5500 devotees flocked to worship and thank God for the gift of Don Bosco. They came in from the Salesian Parish of Kudal and several surrounding parishes. People of various faiths were geared up with the vibrant enthusiasm of the Students. . Read More

Don Bosco Cares for HIV-Infected Youngsters at Salem
17/08/2011.  Tiruchy #N.5342

The province of Tiruchy inaugurated Don Bosco Care Home at Salem on 16 August 2011 to take care of the HIV positive youngsters and boys.. Read More

16/08/2011.  Mumbai #N.5331

''The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us'' (John 1:14). Like his Master - Jesus, the Good Shepherd - Don Bosco came and made his dwelling among us. Through his relic, Don Bosco was among us... from August 4, in the Salesian Province of Mumbai and from August 13, in the city of Mumbai. And today, August 16, 2011 - his birth anniversary - we bid him adieu..