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CASTILINO Vincent, Hyderabad says,
The (f)utility of a World Youth Day...
By Vincent Castilino
360° VIEW
Hyderabad, Jul. 26. Much has been spoken and broadcasted about the World Youth Day that was held in Sydney a while ago. I wonder if much has been DONE - or will be done - as an offshoot of the World Youth Day. I agree I`ve not really followed it up day by day or have been involved in events leading up to this international event... however, I have my own reservations about the whole fanfare!

To have a week long celebrations of togetherness, unity and sharing is indeed a nice idea. It surely has great advantages. What I question is the worth of it. Is it really worth that much of effort, energy and expenditure just for one week. Had there been a greater awareness and consciousness about the same theme and vibrancy at the local level perhaps it would have been of greater use.

Rather than grand solemn occasions which come to go, I`d prefer to hear and believe in something more tangible here and now, something local, something in each Province, each Parish, each Youth Centre and that too all along the year. Let`s have more youth days, youth months, youth years rather than `a` world youth day - one week in a year!

I mourn not the fact that there has been a world youth day, nor that only a handful of people made up the Indian contingent, or the Salesian contingent, I mourn rather the lack of a Salesian youth movement in INDIA. I know very well much is being done at the grassroots but can all of it be connected to have a real impact at the national or state level. Can we, as youth workers, network together to form a vibrant youth movement in our own parishes, youth centres, Provinces and country?

Some may say it is easier said than done! True and I do take the blame also - after all, I too am a Salesian! But I do believe it is possible. The PALS meet held a year ago was indeed a commendable effort. So too is the launching of the but what I dream of is a movement (however small it may be) of youth at each local level which can be linked in whatever way we can with the state and national level. While there is a national face to the movement, its individual flavour too is retained.

May Don Bosco guide us all!


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