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Paul CHERUTHOTTUPURAM, Kolkata says,
``Be Prepared - Prudence Pays`` TIPS FOR YOUR SAFETY
By by K. M. Selvaraj / Contributed by CM Paul
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Kolkata, Aug. 29. (CBCI NEWS)Yesterday it was Nizamabad - Andhrapradesh, today it is Kandhamal - Orissa, tomorrow who knows it may be our town, our church, our convent or our own life. The religious fundamentalists in this country have already set their agenda to disturb peace, integrity, sovereignty of the nation.

The majority Hindu brethren in India are peace loving, very understanding, cordial, supportive, and have a helping tendency whereas the Hindu Pariwars like Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Hindu Front, Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh, Bajrang Dal and others are well organized, funded, in a systematic and phased manner they stage their game plan to spread hatred against the minority communities.

It is the Pariwars who instigate the innocent majority community to revolt against the Christians, attack them, destroy their properties and create panic in the minds of the people. We have seen the results of this venomous campaign in Gujarat, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and in various other new places. Due to various factors both Print and Electronic media are mostly biased towards the majority community and hide the true picture of the minorities to the masses.

Under these circumstances it is prudent to safeguard ourselves, in order to ensure that the Constitutional Rights and Freedom of each one of us are not merely guaranteed by also protected by the State, let us do some basic precautionary measures (it is worth a million dollars):

Some Tips For Your Safety:

a) The Village administrative personnel of the state government are the ones who report the communal or civil disturbances to the district administration, compile the name, address, phone numbers of the grass root level officers, VAOs, Revenue Inspectors, Thashildars of your area. Befriend them so as to contact in case of emergencies.

b) Find out which Police beat your area belongs to and locate the Police Station where it is situated, how to reach there, Officers in Charge, their contact phone numbers etc., When you register a complaint obtain a FIR copy.

c) Media Persons are the ones who bring the news to the world, so visit your Collector`s Office, go to the Information and Public Relations office introduce yourselves and inform the official that there`s is Press Conference to which you want to invite the Press persons, they oblige with the names of the correspondents, their address with phone numbers. Subscribe to the local journals, Greet the Press Personnel on the festival times, invite them for Tea, appreciate them for their noble work, complement them with sweets during your parish feast and on Christmas time. when a false report appears always give a rejoinder, be available to answer their queries.

d) You boast about your electronic gadgets like Digital Camera, Mobile Phone, Handycam etc., put them in good use when situations like pubic functions, abuses, theft, threatening, facing a mob, or an accident, go to the authorities and show them as a proof, establish your point, be an activist. Often these gadget may need new batteries, or charge, keep them in good working condition.

e) Many government officers prefer Christian institutions for their wards` education, so make a Who`s Who list with your students about their parents and pay them a courtesy call in their office or home, involve them in PTA meetings, give them importance during school events and recognize them for their services.

f) Your town will be having clubs like Rotary, Lions, Jaycees, Y`s Men, Round Table, Indian Medical Assn., Women`s Club, Chamber of Commerce etc., elite people - cream of the society are members of these organizations, who are influential in the society, who wish and long for peace and harmony to exist in the neighbourhood. They will be willingly associate with you for a common cause. You could easily get the contact details, e mail ids of them also obtain the same for the Members of Municipalities, Corporations, MLA, MP,VIPs, Ministers of State and Central by visiting their party offices.

g) Network with your friends, neighbours and well wishers, never feel shy to seek help, guidance or enlightenment from the knowledgeable persons. During emergencies first thing is not to Panic, breath easily and Inform the authorities concerned, never wait for orders or superior`s intervention, Be a Leader of Your Situation and act boldly also prudently. Thank yourself for the Skills you learnt (?) like Karate, Kung Fu, Yoga and Varmam for Self Defense.

h) Never do loose talking in public or chat with strangers. If you are a medical professional, after dusk, thoroughly check the identity of the persons who pose as patients, beware of their motives visiting you during night. Those who visit your place with ulterior motives, normally switch off the lights and bang the doors, at such times you keep the torch lights, candles ready, alert your neigbours for help. When you suspect something is going to happen, keep your servants, drivers, gardeners on alert and make them do the night vigil and patrolling in your campus. Here make sure your staff are sincere and loyal - Keep them in good humour and let their morale be good.

i) Have Flash Lights / Alarms fixed on your compound walls to instill fear in the minds of the intruders who dare to threaten your inmates. In the day time have a record about visitors. Some anti social elements meticulously plan their strategy to screen your surroundings - visit you as Sales Reps or Alms Seekers, in such cases make sure your security personnel are on high alert. In a written complaint you can very well inform the nearest police station about the trespassers in your area and seek their protection.

j) In sensitive areas go for banking, shopping in the day light and return quickly once the business is over, it is advisable for women religious to go in groups.

The above tips may look simple and absurd but it is quite safe and secure if you adhere to.
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