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Lakkisetti Praveen, Hyderabad says,
Vote for vote sake (the Pulse of India)
By Lakkisetti Praveen
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Hyderabad, Apr. 30. For the first time in the democratic history of India after independence, the Indian citizens have become aware of the Right to Vote. This is indeed a happy sign, a progressive note in the thinking pattern of Indian folk. Watching the television channels and reading the newspapers before the elections, I got an over all impression that for the first time ever, there has been a great move in Indian citizens to exercise their right to vote. Thanks to many organizations who are instrumental in achieving this cause.

One aspect that captured me was the the programme held by CNN IBN `One Billion Votes` referring to the strength of the Indian masses in electing leaders. Several other programmes were also held in this regard to bring about an attitudinal change in the mind set of the people. For many, to exercise vote was a burden in the earlier times. One reason could be that the people got in their minds very strong opinion that who ever comes to rule or power, nothing great would happen. In fact, Indian democratic history has proved to be so. Many governments had their manifestos and agendas for the development of the people very strong on the paper but remained dead in practice. For a country like ours, one of the largest democratic nations in the world, politics mean a lot. But, when the politicians are corrupted and there is no way out, people too loose interest in electing a leader.

Now-a-days, Indians are on the top edge of the society. For many corporate Indian folk, which ever party comes to power, it makes no big difference because they are safe in their comfort zones. Thanks to the movement that was brought about in the recent past that gave a clarion call to the corporate and educated folk of India to exercise their right to vote to elect suitable candidates than just being indifferent and neutral to the entire political and electoral scenario. The people did exercise their right to vote in large numbers in the two phases held so far and the statistics are likely to zoom in the remaining phases too.

Emmanuel Kant, a modern western philosopher would speak of `duty for duty sake.` Now, our slogan should be `vote for vote sake.` In this context, I am reminded of a story related to a wedding function. The wedding guests are suppposed to bring wine with them and pour in the common container placed infront . On a particular occasion, the container had a small opening. As usual the guests were flowing in. Surprisingly, each of them poured into the container water instead of wine thinking that he was the only one pouring water. When the time for the dinner arrived, there was only water found in the container.

This is just to explain, how the situations turn to be different due to our negligence and indifference. If each person does his/her `swadharma` (personal duty), `saadhaarana dharma` (Common duty) is possible. When everyone does his/her personal duty, it leads to a process of `lokasamgraha` (salvation of the world).

Now, before the election results and the formation of the new governments, there are few more phases of elections to be held across our nation. Let us continue the good work of exercising the right to vote for a better future. Let us brighten up the face of India with our vote.

Mera Bharat Mahan!

Jaya ho!
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