Our Services
  • Academic Education (Schools, Colleges, Open Schools, Night Schools, etc);
  • Orphanages, Boarding Houses/Hostels for poor children;
  • Technical Education Boscotech India (Functional Vocational Training, Industrial Training Institutes, Polytechnics, Engineering Colleges);
  • Works for the Young at Risk (Street children, school dropouts, child workers, rag-pickers, victims of war and violence, etc);
  • Media Training and Services (BOSCOM-INDIA), Bosco Information Service (BIS)
  • Parishes -- Evangelization and Religious Education;
  • Youth Volunteerism
  • Developmental Works
  • Vocation Promotion, Seminaries

  • Journeying with the young! Journeying to wholeness and holiness! Come, be a part of the adventure!

    Contact: Secretary, SPCSA. kjlouis@gmail.com.